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Story GenreSummaryThe Author
The ChosenGeneralA budding workplace romance gets tested by the Corporations deadly antics. Kayla Bouy
We'll Always Have FezzanMainstreamNathan's unit only has one more more mission to complete before they go back Stateside, but his mind is on other things....Dan Belmont, recommended by Julie Duffy and many others
The Case of the Missing Jelly DoughnutsFantasy/HumorAll those years Mr. Butterbomb had spent touring as a member of the Gummy Bear Dancers had taken a toll on him...but would life be any easier as Purple Polka Grove's premier baker?Dalia Concepcion, recommended by Kayla Buoy
Saving David. Back Before Breakfast. Science Fiction/SpeculativeA teenage girl thinks she can go back in time and save David Bowie.Marta Pelrine-Bacon
Come To Bed. Come To Rest.HorrorElsa dreams of cold wind and dark stones. But it's only a dream ... right?Sharon
Lacework And SaintsScience Fiction/FantasyOne twin is studying lacemaking. The other chooses sainthood.Marta Pelrine-Bacon, recommended by Marian Allen.
The Girl Who Circumnavigated The Globe In An Act Of Her Own MakingScience Fiction/SpeculativeWho signs up to be the lone caretaker of an off-season space hotel? And is she really in danger?Julie Duffy is the host of StoryADay May. You can read more about the challenge, or more about Julie, here.
Footpath PoetFlash FictionA woman waits for a poem to arrive.Jo Paoletti
BrokenScience Fiction/SpeculativeA young, troubled mother deals with the reality of a terminally ill newborn.Shan Jeniah Burton
The DreamerMainstreamA man dreams of living in the luxury and comfort of a home he is looking at.Helen Culpepper
Dealing In TimeScience Fiction/SpeculativeAs the title suggests, it deals with time, but not time travel, about being able to add time to a person's life or take time away. Lots of questions at the end (in a good way). Andrew Friar, recommended by Marta Pelrine-Bacon
HeroesHistoricalCan a Civil War veteran's daughter reach past the demons and memories of the Second Battle of Manassas, where a cheerful boy was lost and a decorated hero survived?Joseph Andrew Hesch
The WidowMainstreamWhen John Mullan gets sick, it sparks a religious awakening...of sorts.Gerard McKeague
Sleepy JeanScience Fiction/FantasyHappily solitary in space, he's been thinking of his mother all day.Marian Allen.
Meeting JonasRomanceFallon writes a poignant story of an artistic and abused boy meeting someone who truly seems to care. Fallon Brown, recommended by Shan Jeniah Burton
Greetings From CanadaFlash FictionA flash fiction piece about what happens when a postcard is received by someone beyond the grave, from Canada of all places! Read on to find out what really happened to Jake, the narrator's best friend from teenage years. E.R. Buendia