Press Release: StoryADay May’s 15th Anniversary Challenge in 2024

StoryADay is a creativity challenge and online community, centered around the StoryADay May short story challenge (write and finish a story every day in May).

StoryADay September 2021 Press Release

The challenge repeats each September. Throughout the year, StoryADay features weekly Write On Wednesday writing assignments, as well as short story reviews, articles on creativity, productivity and the craft of writing. It is also home to the weekly StoryADay podcast.


StoryaDay May was founded in 2010 by Julie Duffy, after a long, unproductive Pennsylvania winter. She chose May because April was Poetry Month and StoryADay May rhymed! Now, May is known Short Story Month, celebrated by writers, publishers and the wider reading community.

Praise for StoryADay

StoryADay has been chosen as one of Writer’s Digest’s 101 Best Websites for Writers annually since 2017, and its podcast was named one of their favorite podcasts for writers.

About Julie Duffy (50 words)

Julie Duffy founded the creative writing challenge in 2010. She has written for Writer’s Digest, Writer’s Journal, Flash Fiction Online and is a columnist for Her fiction has appeared in print anthologies and online.

Originally from Scotland, she lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two children.

Julie Duffy – Longer Bio

Julie Duffy is the founder and director of the creativity challenge where she has blogged about the creative life and short stories since 2010. StoryADay is the host of annual short story writing challenges in May and September, other courses and community resources for creative inspiration including the popular StoryADay podcast. She regularly talks at writers’ groups and conferences about creativity and writing.

As well as writing short stories, Julie has written for Writer’s Digest, Writer’s Journal, and was the genre columnist for Flash Fiction Chronicles. She has created websites for small businesses, moved from her native Scotland to Pennsylvania (somewhat to her surprise), and was, once upon a time, the Director of Author Services at the first author-focused print-on-demand publishing company in the US. She and the company’s founders shared a belief that if you want to live a creative life, nothing should hold you back.

Julie is currently working on making the transition to ‘novelist’, even though she will always love short stories. She knits and juggles, though rarely at the same time. You can find out more at


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Julie, writing
Julie Duffy (photo credit Eviana Vergara)
Julie Duffy (photo credit: Eviana Vergara)
Julie Duffy (photo credit: Eviana Vergara)

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Press Release Feb 2024



Julie Duffy, Founder & Director, StoryADay, Cell/text: +1 4843932233, Email: julie [ at ] storyaday dot org, www.

14 Feb 2024

15th Annual StoryADay May Literary Challenge Set to Inspire Writers Worldwide

[Phoenixville, PA]—May 2024 marks the 15th anniversary of StoryADay May, a month-long creative writing challenge that ignites the imagination of writers across the globe. Founded in 2010 by writer Julie Duffy, StoryADay May challenges participants to embark on a remarkable journey of literary possibilities by crafting a short story every day throughout the month of May.

What began as a personal challenge has blossomed into a thriving community of writers who come together each May to push their creative boundaries and discover the depths of their storytelling abilities. With thousands of participants from diverse backgrounds and multiple continents, StoryADay May has become a beacon of inspiration and camaraderie in the literary world.

Julie Duffy, the driving force behind StoryADay, expressed her excitement for this year’s challenge, stating, “StoryADay May is not just about writing—it’s about claiming the right to write, to dream, to create, and to believe in the power of storytelling. Over the past 15 years, we’ve witnessed countless writers push past their perceived limits and emerge as champions of their craft.”

Throughout the month, participants will receive daily writing prompts curated by Julie Duffy and a lineup of esteemed guest authors. Past guest authors have included renowned names such as Neil Gaiman, Joanne Harris, and Roxane Gay. These prompts serve as catalysts for creativity, inspiring writers to explore new genres, themes, and narrative styles.

Reflecting on their experiences with StoryADay, past participants have shared inspiring tales of personal growth and creative achievement. From securing publishing deals to honing their storytelling skills, StoryADay has empowered writers to realize their literary aspirations and forge lasting connections within the writing community.

Among the voices of past participants, Dan Belmont, a teacher and writer, remarked, “StoryADay is even better than NaNoWriMo at making me turn off that pesky editor. Telling stories is fun!” Similarly, Alexis A. Hunter, a prolific author with over 50 published short stories, credits StoryADay for fueling their creativity and providing a platform for continuous growth.

As the 15th Annual StoryADay May approaches, writers of all levels and backgrounds are invited to join this transformative literary adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned novelist or a budding wordsmith, StoryADay offers a welcoming space for exploration, experimentation, and discovery.

To learn more about StoryADay May and register for the challenge, visit [StoryADay website].

Join us this May and unlock the boundless potential of your imagination with StoryADay.


More about StoryADay

Since May 2010 thousands of writers have come to in May to challenge themselves to write creatively every day: writing and finishing a story every day in May. Writers have gone on to develop a lifelong writing habit. Some have received their first (and fiftieth!) publication acceptance, even signed with agents and publishing houses for their first novels. StoryADay has been picked as a Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites for Writer ‘Best of the Best’ and as one of their 23 favorite podcasts.

About Julie Duffy

Julie is a writer and the host of, a creativity challenge,  writer’s community and podcast. She has written for Writer’s Digest and Writers’ Journal magazines, is an occasional columnist and hosts writing workshops online and in person. She has partnered with PenguinRandomHouse’s Signature Reads, and NaNoWriMo’s Young Writers’ Program to encourage people to write today, not ‘some day’.

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