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Are you determined to use this StoryADay challenge to become a more productive, more creative writer?

What People Are Saying About StoryADay

Masterful! Julie has the special ability to take important information and present it in an easily understandable and impactful way

Gary Zenker, Founder of the Main Line Writers’ Group, PA

Marian Allen, author and publisher. Read more about Marian’s experiences with StoryADay here.

I was perpetually full of dread about writer’s block. I had suffered extreme bouts of it before. Every time I finished a story, I questioned and worried and fretted over whether or not I’d be able to finish another one.

StoryADay taught me that I could do so and that I could do so consistently if I only tried hard enough. It showed me that if I thought long enough on any given prompt, my mind would rise to the challenge. It was so…liberating!

I’ve since then used the challenge to fuel my writing by providing a large stock of stories to edit and submit throughout the year.

Alexis A. Hunter, more than 50 published short stories, including stories in Shimmer, Flash Fiction Online, and Apex. Read more about Alexis’s StADa experiences here.

“I needed fuel for story ideas and some form of prod to keep me focussed. StoryADay provided me with a lot of good ideas for generating flash fiction. StoryADay has a great deal to offer in terms of prompts and advice and I found this to be terrific for churning up the creative juices, especially when I have been stuck.”

-Cecilia Clark has published more than 30 in anthologies and with small presses. Working on her debut novel. Read more about Cecilia’s StADa experiences here.

“[I was] in a real creative slump…. So when the StoryADay challenge came up I thought I could manage to write short pieces for a month, and it would be a change. Give me a chance to get some creative energy flowing, which it did. I had great fun with it, and now write quite a lot of flash fiction.”

-Sara Cain, The Eighth Circle (Jan 2016, Crooked Lane Books). Read more about Sarah’s StADa experiences here.

What I learned from the challenge was that I could write everyday. It was hard certainly. But it really helped me make the transition from student writer to “real” writer.

“StoryADay is even better than NaNoWriMo at making me turn off that pesky editor. I have to grab an idea and run with it. Knowing that I can do that keeps me from getting too bogged down in polishing when I ought to be knocking together a rough framework. Besides, it’s invigorating to just haul off and write a little story. Telling stories is fun!”

-Heather Muir, StADa 2010 participant

But the great thing I realized in StoryADay is that I didn’t need school deadlines to make me write–I could motivate myself. And that lesson was probably the most valuable thing StoryADay could have taught me. This is why, even though I didn’t come close to winning the challenge, I still see this past May as a success.

-Gabriela Pereira, Chief Instigator at and StoryADay 2010 participant