Warm Up Course – Home Study Version

The StoryADay idea is exciting, right?

But do you worry that it’ll be easier to commit to writing a story a day than to actually do it?

Could you use a guide to the process? A path that takes you from writing no stories-a-day, to writing three stories a week, and then on from there?

The StoryADay Warm Up Course is that guide.

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During the Warm Up Course you will:

  • Start writing in small, manageable chunks that will boost your confidence,
  • Generate 45 Story Sparks that you can turn into short stories,
  • Learn to carve out time for your writing, and break through your fear and block, by writing straight away,

When the course is over you will have:

  • 10 completed stories under your belt by the time we’re finished,
  • More story ideas than you can use during the StoryADay challenge, so you never sit down to a blank page,
  • The confidence to know you can make writing an on-going part of your life,
  • Practice  and discovery of your best working habits.

What’s In The “Box”?

(OK, there is no box. This is all digital stuff, but you know what I mean!)

The course is structured to take place over three weeks, but you can take it at your own pace with this home-study version.

  • Each “week” contains 2 lessons (audio as well as a PDF) on aspects of short story writing that will allow you to jump right in and start writing right away.
  • You will write 3 short stories a week, (four in Week 3) using a system that starts small and builds on each success to show you that you can write and you need not become overwhelmed. You’ll finishing the class with 10 completed first drafts that you can begin polishing and submitting to publications.
  • We’ll develop a system for gathering and storing ideas, so that you never have to sit down at your desk and stare at an empty page. (You’ll build your own customized system during the class, and come out with 60 story sparks — enough to last through the class AND months of future writing.)
Sound good? Check out the weekly course checklists

Course Schedule

The mere fact that you’re still reading this page tells me that you’re serious about taking the next step on your writing journey. But just as travel can be a wonderful, enlightening experience; a journey without a map can be incredibly frustrating.

You need a map.

Maybe it’s this one:

 The StoryADay Warm-Up Course Map


This week we’ll focus on carving out time for your writing from your already-busy schedule. We’ll set in place systems for creating writing time, gathering and storing story sparks, and we’ll start writing. This week is low-stress and all about having fun with your writing. By the end of this week you’ll have:

  • 15 story ideas stored and ready to use whenever you have time to write,
  • 3 completed stories,
  • Strategies for breaking through writer’s block,
  • A list of inspiration sources for days when the well seems dry.


This week we’ll focus on building your confidence and finding your voice. We’ll talk about the importance of first drafts and work on an assignment that will prove once and for all, that you have a unique voice that deserves to be heard. By the end of this week you’ll have:

  • 15 more story ideas in your Idea Bank
  • 3 more completed stories: longer and more complex this week
  • A review of lessons you’ve learned about your tastes, voice, and writing habits and how to make them work for, not against, you,
  • Personalized reading assignments designed to fire your imagination.


This week we’ll increase the intensity. Now that you know you can write stories, we’ll stretch the word count and the number of assignments. But fear not! I’m not going to let you go it alone: we’ll look to our mentors and authors that inspire us for help. We’ll take a look at short story forms and complete a ‘copycat class’ that will teach us how to write like the masters. And we’ll learn how to avoid common pitfalls when writing short stories. At the end of this week you’ll be tired but victorious and ready to take on the world. This week you will complete:

  • Capture 15 more story starter ideas – for a total of 45: more than enough to keep you going through StoryADay
  • Take the  Copycat Class where you sit at the feet of your favourite author and dissect one of their stories then write your own story on their framework – just like a Renaissance apprentice!
  • Talk about story forms, giving you  confidence that you are writing the right kind of story for your subject,
  • The Pitfalls workshop, where you learn to avoid common mistakes made by storytellers.

New: Now contains a 10-Day Express Version. It’s intense, but you can do it.
See The Course Introduction and the 10-Day Checklist.

From Wannabe To Writer

What I learned from the [StoryADay] challenge was that I could write everyday. It was hard certainly. But it really helped me make the transition from student writer to “real” writer. -Heather Muir

Invest In Yourself

While StoryADay will always be free, this course is not. But before you click away, let me tell you why.

Partly, it’s to help me defray the costs of running both the course and StoryADay (server space isn’t free, sadly). And partly it’s to keep my husband from sending me out to find a ‘real’ job (just kidding, Honey, you’re awesome).

But largely, it’s about making sure that you are serious about investing the time and energy in your own development as a writer.

It’s easy to sign up for a free course, but it’s just as easy to drop out of a free course. Pay for something and we’re all much more likely to turn up and get our money’s worth.

Writing is not an expensive hobby. All you need is paper, a pen, and possibly a library card. We’re not used to investing in our writing, but if you want to take your writing seriously, it may be time to start doing so.

Traveling to a writer’s conference is a great way to meet other writers, learn about the craft and invest in your development. But you can easily spend $200-800 on conference admission alone, and that can easily soar over $2000 when you add in meals, travel, accommodation, parking, extra workshop fees and audio versions of classes you missed or wanted to review.

90-minute online lectures routinely sell for $60-90 (and have big scary messages about ‘absolutely no refunds’.)

The three-week StoryADay Warm-Up Course includes lifetime access to all classes, downloadable audio, PDF transcripts, and oh yes, a complete 30-day money-back guarantee, in case you feel the course wasn’t right for you.

(Psst! No-one has ever asked for a refund, yet. In fact, when I’ve run this as a live, online course, people have signed up more than once!)

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What People Are Saying About The Course

This is just what I needed to get back into the habit of writing.

I don’t know what it is about you – gawd knows there’s a ton of
writing advice out there – but I actually feel inspired to write after a little bout of Duffy, lol

Thanks for a great class, Julie! …I had a lot of fun, came up with many more story sparks than I thought I would, and wrote more than I expected … For the first time, I wrote a complete story (first draft) over 1000 words. That was a blast, and a big confidence booster for me. I was also able to become more comfortable writing truly horrible first drafts, which was quite liberating.
I had fun, and plan to write along with Story a Day May. Thanks again for the opportunity and supportive environment!

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This home study version StoryADay Warm-Up Class  is priced at $197 and includes all materials listed above, but without the dedicated, real-time forums and coaching. When the course is relaunched, you’ll have access to all the new materials and the real-time coaching, at no extra charge.

This Home Study version of the StoryADay Warm Up Course  also includes a FREE copy of my Time To Write Workshop, which sells separately for $27.

So sign up now, and receive the Time To Write Workshop free.

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Money Back Guarantee – Keep All The Materials!

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Orange

Right now, I’m pretty sure I know what you’re thinking: you’d like to sign up but it’s hard to spend money on yourself, and you’re wondering who is this woman anyway, and how you can know you aren’t just throwing your money away.

I’m well aware that there are plenty of ways for writers to get scammed online and off. But this isn’t one of them. Which is why I’m offering a money-back guarantee.

If you aren’t happy, I’m not happy. If you don’t feel you’ve got any value out of this course at the end of three weeks, send me an email and I will refund all your money (within 30 days is best because there’s less paperwork, but I’m not going to be too strict).

And yes, you get to keep the materials. And yes, I know I could get some jerks who abuse this but I think that’s their problem. It’s more important to me that you’re confident you can sign up for this course at no risk.

If you have any questions, please email me at julie at story a day dot org.

Thanks, and keep writing,


P. S. The StoryADay challenge  will always remain free. You do not need to sign up for this course to take part in StoryADay. But if you are serious about making writing a part of your life, and if you would like some customized training please do consider taking this course. It’s an investment in your writing future.

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