Enjoy Being A Writer, Again

A Writing Process That Works

With all the current upheavals it may feel like a great time or a terrible time to focus on your writing.

Either way, you’re probably a little bit right.

So I’m inviting you to a new, free workshop designed to help you continue making progress towards building the writing life you want.

I’m Julie Duffy, the founder and director of the StoryADay May writing challenge and community. I’ve spent the past 10 years leading people through the process of making their writing a priority no matter what life throws at them.

Why Now?

At this moment it’s been really moving to see everyone turn to stories to help them through.

In times of crisis people turn to storytellers to help them make sense of life or to distract and entertain them until they feel strong enough to get back out there.

Stories are important. They are how we learn, share, and connect.

When I ask what holds writers back, they often tell me they don’t have time to write. But what I always find, when I dig deeper, is that what stops us from writing is our own lack of confidence. In our skills, in our ideas, in our own right to write. We tell ourselves we are not enough — not original enough, not smart enough, not good enough at spelling.

Or we tell ourselves we’re too much — too young, too old, too privileged, too disabled, too ADD, too normal — be a writer.

But please believe me: every reader out there is telling themselves the same stories. And they need our stories, to touch them and connect with them and tell them it’s OK to be too much or not enough. To teach them to be the heroes of their own stories. To convince them that they are not alone.

So here’s what I’m doing.

Before my annual challenge, StoryADay May, begins, I’m running a free series called The WRITER Code,  to help unlock your writing in this moment. To help you see yourself making consistent progress, and get your head in the right place every day, so that you can enjoy the whole process of becoming the writer you were meant to be.

What Is The WRITER Code Workshop?

This is a three-part, free email series. I’m also doing video and audio content because I know people like to consume content different ways and  frankly because sometimes people just want to listen to my soothing Scottish accent.

During the series you’ll have an opportunity to ask me questions and get feedback on your specific challenges.

Just sign up below, and I’ll make sure you get every part of this series, that unlocks a process you’ll use over and over again, at every stage of your writing journey, whether you’re writing your first short story since high school, submitting your first piece, getting your first rejection, getting your fiftieth acceptance, or revising the first novel in that 2-book contract you just signed.

And yes, I’ve been with people in the StoryADay community as they’ve gone through each of those things.

This is the first time I’ve put it all together in this structured way and I’m excited to show you exactly how to turn every step you take on your writing journey into a step forward, so that you can enjoy the whole process, and become more creative, more productive and more fulfilled. And I’d love your feedback, as you go through each part of the series.

Is This Your Time?

Things are tough right now, no doubt.

The WRITER Code is an Inner path for you to follow regardless of any outer conflicts being thrown at you, by the story of your life.

We’re going to get through this.

We’re going to have stories to tell. And we’re going to help each other become the writers we were meant to be.

Enter your email address, join me for the StoryADay WRITER Code series and become a writer today, not someday.