“Warm Up Your Writing” Class BONUS WORKSHOP ADDED

Thinking about signing up for StoryADay May but scared to take the plunge?

If you need proof that YOU CAN WRITE, sign up for the StoryADay Warm-Up Writing Course starting this Friday, March 25. But sign up today and receive immediate access to the bonus Time To Write Workshop.

What: An online short-story writing course for writers who want to warm up their writing muscles: 2 weekly lessons, 3-4 weekly writing assignments. Starts small and builds your confidence over time.

Where: Online at StoryADay.org with emailed assignments and lessons including video, audio and PDFs, and a private members forum at StoryADay.org.

Who: Taught by Julie Duffy, the founder of StoryADay.org and populated by writers at all stages of development.

Why: Sitting down cold, writing in a vaccuum, and having no direction are great paths to disappointment. Join us for instruction, empathy, assignments and accountability

How Much: $97 for the three week course.

Why Not: Think you don’t have time? You’ll receive a complimentary copy of my Time To Write workshop. Think you have no ideas? Our first class is all about Idea Generation and you will gather enough ideas during this course to last you throughout May. Think you can’t afford it? Become an affiliate and earn back your tuition. Oh, and don’t forget, there’s a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Sign up now:

Yes, I want to pay only $97.

Need more information? Click here.

P.S. StoryADay in May will always remain free. Signups will open in April. This class is entirely optional.

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