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In the meantime here are three different printable logs to help you create habits to unleash your creativity, and to write everyday, not ‘someday’.

Never Be Stuck For An Idea Again

Use these handy printable sheets to capture Story Sparks (little ideas you can draw on later, to spark ideas for stories).

There are a couple of different styles, one for linear thinkers and one for people who resist charts and grids.

Story Sparks Logs thumbnailMake it your habit to capture three Story Sparks on five days of each week. (No cheating and doing them all at once. The point is to train yourself to notice the world as a writer does.)

Print out as many of these sheets as you need. Fold them up and stick them in your back pocket, your Moleskine, your wallet. Capture the world around you as you walk through it and never be stuck for an idea again!

Bonus Freebie!

Here’s a writing log to help you keep track of your writing over the next few weeks. Try to write every other day, at least. I bet you can.

Printable writing log thumbnail


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