Sept. 02 – The Pickpocket

The Prompt

Your character’s an extremely talented pickpocket. He learned the skill when he was young and poor. Now he has a good job, a healthy bank account, and a respectable lifestyle, but he thinks it’s a shame to let such remarkable talent go to waste.


Deanna Denny is retired after many years of working in Human Resources. She became interested in writing in 2014 and started her blog with opinion pieces, but has since been exploring different forms of writing. She has taken Writing 101 through WordPress, and Gentle Introduction to Meter through Allpoetry.Β  Deanna will be joining the Story A Day challenge to adventure into short stories. You can follow Deanna’s journey into writing at

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36 thoughts on “Sept. 02 – The Pickpocket”

  1. I just started a story with a character like this a while ago. This is an excellent opportunity for me to send her off on a little side quest to keep her skills in!

    1. Isn’t it crazy how, once you commit to creating something every day, you start to see connections and possibilities everywhere? That’s one of my favourite things!

    1. Kristi,
      Yes! Great story. I hope Greg and the boy work together and we get to read further adventures.

    1. Congratulations for writing today Chris. I love the use of the phrase “returning the universe to competitive balance.” Your story is well written and I could see your niece handing over the good candy to her father.

      1. I’m sure I didn’t exactly come up with that phrase, but I felt it fit whatever I was trying to do. I sometimes rely too much on a real event to get me going with what I write. But that’s sometimes a good thing.

    1. You must come back to this. Who is Lily and how did she manage to get the note in his wallet? Keep writing.

    1. Congratulations on writing today! I am curious what it was that he took out of her purse. Tell me more.

    1. I am glad you did not like the prompt and you were rebellious. That rebellion brought forth a story you should be very proud of. Congratulations on another day of writing.

  2. Excellent prompt, Deanna. I wrote two stories (well, they’re only a hundred words each), but they are not online yet. I’ll post the links tomorrow, I hope…

    1. Oh NO, he threw it in the wastebasket! He must retrieve it because I want to know more.
      Great story.

  3. This was fun, I think I may just have yet another novella + length story out of this short. Thanks for the ideas!

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