[Writing Prompt] 215

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There are 215 days left in 2014. What will you do with them?

As the StoryADay May challenge for 2014 winds down, it’s time to look back a bit, forward a bit, and plan how you’ll use the lessons learned in this month of extreme writing. Hop on over to the community hand have a chat about your plans.

But not until you’ve written today’s story.

The Prompt

Two Hundred And Fifteen


  • Um…
  • You could really go anywhere with this.
  • Use the number as a countdown; a hotel room number; the number of tasks someone has set themselves to complete before they die…anything.
  • Remember to give us a character through whose emotions we can feel the whole impact of the story.


What did you do with the number 215? Leave a comment or join the discussion in the community.

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