2019 Editorial Calendar

During 2019 I’ll be tackling these topics:

January – Writing Groups
February – Flash Fiction – the shortest fiction for the shortest month
March – Goals vs Reality
April – Finding Support
May – The StoryADay May Challenge Daily Prompts (& cheerleading)
June –  Creating Compelling Characters
July – Un-Dreadful Dialogue
August – Focus on Openings & Endings
September – The StoryADay Challenge, redux – your second chance to write a story a day
October – Revisions
November – Alt.Stories (stories inspired by other works – by you and others)
December – TBD

Guest posters:  I mostly have open slots for the Tuesday Reading Room posts and the Writing Prompts (either Write On Wednesday, or slots during the StoryADay challenges in May and September). Check out this post for information on how to submit.

I don’t accept guest posts unless you a, know the audience here at StoryADay.org really well and b, your article aligns with our creativity-first focus, and c, fits with the theme of the month. But I’m always willing to take a look at great content from highly creative writers, especially members of the StoryADay community (hi, guys!).

Short story writers: Don’t forget to declare your goals in the monthly SWAGr (Serious Writers’ Accountability Group) post and let the community keep you accountable.

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