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Around here we’re all about creativity. I don’t talk much about publishing because:

a, There’s plenty of material online about how to publish/get published and
b, Worrying about the publishing part before the writing part seems like putting the cart before the horse.

However, many of you have come along on the StoryADay May creativity binge a few times now and are starting to wonder “What Next?”

I strongly advocate trying many different things to get your work into the hands of readers, from submitting to traditionally-published magazines, publishing online, and yes, even self-publishing. In the 2013 I focused on putting together batches of stories that could be packaged together and sold as ebooks. Then I published them myself.

I’ve never felt more inspired, so I wanted to share the steps with you.

Why Write & Publish A Short Story Collection eBook?

  • It imposes deadlines and a finite end to each project,
  • It can inspire you to finish and polish your stories,
  • Setting my own theme and writing my own ‘themed anthology’ helped me focus on what to do every time I scheduled a writing session,
  • It helped me weather the storms of writing to someone else’s specifications and then spending weeks waiting to hear back to hear that I hadn’t quite hit what they needed [N.B. I won’t stop submitting to magazines and online publications. I just needed another outlet too!]. I wanted to feel like I was spending more time writing than researching markets.
  • To build an audience of readers, not just other writers (much as I love my online writing buddies, we all need readers!).
  • To build a track record of publications with reviews and feedback.

Was It A Success?

Christmas Ornaments CoverA resounding success.
I have never been more inspired or productive in my writing life. Just the thought of taking control, seeking feedback from trusted writing friends, polishing and releasing these stories, has filled me with drive and broken through any number of writing blocks in the past few months. My plan is to release more collections over the next few years and develop an audience and sales figures to share with you, but you shouldn’t wait for that. Get started on your own writing adventure today!

Get The Blueprint!

Short Story ebook blueprintI am, however, going to share how I got the books out into the world, created mechanisms for gathering reader feedback and began to share my stories with the world in my new StoryADay Write And Publish Your Short Story Collection eBook Workshop. 

It contains:

  • How (And Why) To Write & Polish a Themed Batch Of Stories
  • My Timeline For Putting Together An eBook
  • Preparing for Publishing (including preparing the text and cover, and what you must include to ensure readers connect with you)
  • Working with Amazon to Create A Kindle Edition (including a walk-through of the publishing process)
  • Working With Smashwords To Create Other eBook Formats (including technical details and tips on how to use Smashwords to increase your book’s reach)
  • What I Did To “Release” The Book (includes how I sought reviews, spread the word and gathered feedback)
  • What Next? (Includes tips for ongoing marketing, and planning the next collection)
  • Your Turn (A pep-talk on the three most important steps you must take if you’re going to try this)
  • Resources (includes links to all the services I use for publication and promotion.

Get the guide now!

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