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The I, WRITER Course is a 6-week journey through short story writing designed to strengthen your narrative storytelling skills and help you build writing into your life, no matter how busy you are.

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Do you have stories you’d like to be able to write without the ghost of your fifth grade English teacher looking over your shoulder?

Did you always enjoy writing stories until literature class made it seem like something that was only for a special few gifted people?

Do you enjoy reading and find yourself daydreaming about telling stories from your own imagination? Or perhaps you have family stories you’d like to preserve and share? Or personal stories you’d love to be able to tell to connect more closely with your clients.

Many of us have been taught storytelling is only for a special class of professional wordsmith when the reality is humans are storytelling animals.

Learning to tell better stories isn’t magic. It’s just a skill you may not have practiced for a while.

My friend Julie Duffy is a writer who specializes in short stories. And she is opening up her I, WRITER Course again this week for anyone who wants to get comfortable and confident writing stories.

You’ll practice writing short stories over six weeks, with an emphasis on a different skill and a new aspect of your writing habit every week and you’ll get to hang out with Julie on three special Q&A calls.

If you’ve always wanted to write, or if people tell you ”you should write a book!”, get the skills you need in Julie’s I, WRITER Course.

About Julie Duffy

Julie Duffy founded the award-winning StoryADay.org creative writing challenge and community in 2010. She has written for Writer’s Digest, Writer’s Journal, Flash Fiction Online and is a columnist for WriterUnboxed.com. Her fiction has appeared in print anthologies and online. 

Originally from Scotland, she lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two children. 

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