!LP 2022 Welcome To The Challenge

Welcome to the Challenge!

 Hey,  it’s Julie here. I am so excited that you’re going to be with us this month for the challenge. 

I think you’re doing a wonderful thing for yourself. I’m going to lead you through this. It’s going to  be great. 

So go and check your email, find the one that’s entitled “important”, from me, and it says “you’ve got to click this button”, so that I’m allowed to send you email. Because it would be so disappointing if you psyched yourself up to  part in this challenge and then my emails weren’t allowed to come into your inbox. You might want to consider adding julie@storyaday.org to your, email address book so that my emails can come through. 

In the meantime, when you click on that button, you’ll get taken to a page with all kinds of resources for you. Lots of fun stuff, things you might not expect. 

I’d love it if you left a comment there to let me know how you’re feeling right now. There’s going to be some mix of nerves and possibly regret, but don’t worry about it. You’re going to have a great time. 

You’re not going to regret this. You’re going to write some, some great stuff. We’re going to discover some stuff about yourself and you’re going to make some friends. I sincerely hope. It usually happens. So that’s it for me for now.

Go check your email and I am really looking forward to spending the month with you.  

Check your email!

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Some of the places that love storyADay

"I'd had some stories published, but I felt really on my own in the writing life.
"Now I have a community who understands my writing and my goals. I have a place to celebrate wins and to sympathize with the confusion and frustration of trying to create the writing life I want."
Marta Pelrine-Bacon
Writer & Artist
" I wake up in the morning excited. Not only am I writing more, I am writing with mindfulness and new skills I've learned. Now I proudly tell people I am a WRITER."
Robin Stein
"More than anything, it's a supportive, encouraging, non-judgmental group. We're all in the same boat, at different points in our writing journeys. No pressure (not much, anyway). It's very freeing to lurk & jump in when it feels comfortable."
JEM Wildfire
JEM Wildfire

Writing a story a day has been very good practice to develop a positive orientation to writing endeavors, not to mention that it has led me to meet new people, be part of a community and find my writing feet again. 

Neha Mediratta