Right There by Anneliese Schultz

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A young woman decides to take a Covid-era chance. (Not a screw-social-distancing chance; more like a he-may-Unfriend-me-for-this chance.) Now all she has to do is bring her past, hold the present, and have faith in future as she meets him first time amidst these fading gravestones.

About the Author

A Bread Loaf Scholar and Pushcart Prize nominee, Anneliese completed her MFA in Creative Writing at UBC, and was shortlisted for the 2016 HarperCollins/UBC Prize for Best New Fiction. The prompt for this story was one she mightily resisted—until the character showed up and suggested she get out of the way. Anneliese works on her YA climate fiction, a Middle Grade ghost story, and lockdown flash fiction in Vancouver, BC. Pre-border closure, much of her writing time was spent in Boulder, CO, and points between on the train. She can also be found at http://laughinginthelanguage.com/

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