How To Know If Superstars Isn’t For You

First of all, whether or not you join Superstars, I hope you’ll use all the free resources at StoryADay to help you be more productive, more creative and more happy in your writing than you’ve ever been.

You can find writing prompts here and you can take part in StoryADay for free, just by writing along with us in September.

And honestly, Superstars isn’t for everyone.

  • If this coming month isn’t the right time for you to knuckle down and commit to writing every day,
  • If you don’t have goals that you’re extremely motivated to meet
  • If you are only interested because of Fear of Missing Out

But if you’re interested, here’s a quick reminder of what happens in Superstars

You get:

  • Exclusive content for Superstars, including video explainers of each day’s prompt and writing lesson
  • Transcripts of the videos
  • Audio versions of each day’s explainer/pep talk
  • Exclusive meditation tracks to help you get into a writing mode, created by me
  • A members-only site where you can chat with other committed writers every day (or whenever suits your schedule)
  • Weekly video hangouts with me and the other Superstars. These calls are recorded in case you can’t make it live.

StoryADay September is always a smaller event that May because I don’t publicize it as much. This group is drawn only from people who are already on the StoryAday mailing list, I haven’t really advertised it to anyone else. That means I know that everyone who takes part already understands the supportive, cheerleading community we have here at StoryADay, and I’m proud to be part of that.

If you’d like to be on the squad this September, sign up for Superstars now

And if you’re on the fence, here’s what some present and former Superstars have said:

Being part of the Superstars group was another level. It’s a supportive community, and since so many of us are introverts, it’s great how we’re taking part in a group and most us don’t usually take part in groups…Writing a story a day is not easy. And yet it is fun… But it isn’t the same without the community. It lacks the spark. It isn’t as fun. And in my busy world, I need more fun and more friends who like to write. So, I can’t imagine ever not doing Story-a-Day.

I really enjoyed the Superstars group this past May, because I’ve never really had a writing community before, so it was a really great experience having one. Everyone is so enthusiastic about their work and writing, and we all cheer each other on. It’s also a very safe place to share your stories.
-Fleet Sparrow

Julie uses a very light hand in guiding the superstars community, so you may miss the importance of her influence on the Superstars. Not only are the members each and all fun, kind participants, Julie makes it easy to keep this community positive and supportive. You would have to search far and wide to find a more welcoming, fertile ground from which to grow your writing habit

And now I’m blushing so I’ll leave it there.

Join us if you’re tempted.

Money Back Guarantee

If you get 10 days into this and you don’t love Superstars, let me know and I’ll refund your money, no arguments. It’s important to me that you invest your writing time and dollars where they can work for you.

Ready to get started?

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