Thanks, Superstar!

First,  I need a little more information from you:


Now, this part might take a little while.
I have a new community coming later this year, but for now, I’m adding everyone in a kind of ‘artisinal’ way (i.e. old-fashioned and inefficient).

You’ll hear from me soon.

In the meantime, why not get to work on these freebies:


The StoryADay Creativity Challenge Workbook

You know what they say about failure to plan…
Plan for success in your next big creative challenge with this workbook.

The StoryADay Pre-Challenge Checklist

Print this out and go through all the steps before you embark on the challenge. Check off the boxes (trust me, it feels goooood!)

The StoryADay May Writing Log

Not just for May! Keep track of all your story drafts, and your process with this printable formStADA_Writing_Log_tn

Your StoryADay Story Spark Catchers

Catch those story sparks, so you can fan them into flames.
Updated April 2017: 3 types of logs: 2 for linear thinkers, one for rebelsStory Sparks Log Link

And here’s a foldable booklet for people who’d like something to carry around with them. Print this “full bleed” and use these instructions to fold your booklet.

The StoryADay Keep Writing Workbook

Figure out the smallest step you need to take today, to reach your goals.
(Especially useful when you’ve been writing for a while and are starting to flag.)
Keep Writing Workshop image and link

The StoryADay Coloring Book!

Because: coloring!


And don’t forget to check out the

StoryADay Podcast

and the

StoryADay Warm Up Course