StoryFestA Celebration of Story A Day May

In May 2010 around 100 writers set out to write A Story A Day in May. Each.

To our surprise, as much as anyone else’s,  many of us met our goals and some of the stories were really, really good.

So we’re sharing them with you now.

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Stories & Authors

Christina's story Cuncator takes us back in time to the 1940s
Mary Judah was, as far as I know, our youngest participant at seven. I loved her On the Ship
Nostalgia is a beautifully detailed moment in time. Travel back in time with it.
Yongthu writes beautiful stories set in Singapore and other places. Try The Verandah and The Girl
Maxie would like you to read the Twitter-sized story Dependable Loser and the delightfully creepy Nifty Thieves.

I landed on feeling defeated from missing April’s Poem a Day challenge and I instantly thought: Redemption. I was in for so much more. Through this experience – my brother’s graduation, summer courses, my quest to run for 30 minutes – I am not only 31 stories lighter, I am victorious.
I am a writer. I am a 21 year old college student. I live with my family and my guitars in South Florida.

She recommends Rebecca Eve Schweitzer's final story Bennett Cerf and Julie Duffy's 100 word tale The Piano Man

You can read more of Maxie's work at her blog.
Alice chose The Beauty of Pain which is a dark fantasy tale, inspired by Dark Fantasy Beauty & the Beast -- with an erotic twist.

She recommends Space Particle by CidWrites, a science-fiction romance.

You can read more at Alice's site or follow her on Twitter
Rebecca Eve Schweitzer recommends her final story Bennett Cerf and you'll definitely want to meet the characters in one of her earlier stories, Second Honeymoon.

She recommends Julie Duffy's short short The Piano Man

You can find this author at her fashion blog, her personal blog, or on Twitter
Julie Duffy really enjoyed her mysterious Mrs Wyndham's Meadow and hopes you do too.
If you're in more of a hurry, she thinks you'll get a giggle out of the shorter Broken Toys

She thinks you should read Pat Rosier's exquisitely detailed storyThe Lecture and Melanie's The Quarryman's Wife

For speculative fiction/sci-fi try Paul's The Cloud Camel

You can read more of Julie's writing at her blog and find her right here, behind the scenes at
You can also follow her on Twitter
Gabi offers up the hilarious Jane Austen/Jack and Jill pastiche, Marriage and Missteps.

She recommends Through The Years by Corey.

Gabi can be found at her blog and on Twitter.
So Close by Sandra Connor was the first StoryADay to be posted to the site way back on May 1!
Should Sophie be wearing a little red riding hood?
Jean is a chilling tale from JL Smith.
Dave has The Gift for booklovers...
Melanie's story The Quarryman's Wife is a feast of sensations, and of suspense, too.
Amanda Makepeace wrote a fabulous story composed entirely of tweets that take place over the course of One Hour
Pat Rosier's stories tend to feature women a lot like women you meet every day, and remind you how interesting 'ordinary folk' can be.

Try After The Funeral or Child
Simon Kewin was our master of Twitter fiction.

Try Extinction Events, for a taster.
You can find more of Simon's writing at his blog.
Wanda Rader's Millie Goes To War will have you rooting for Millie all the way through.
Marta Pelrine-Bacon was one of our real 'winners' with the full 31 stories in as many days.
Try The Girls In The Laundry
Read more of Marta's fairytales at her blog
Linda Marie Dershem wrote, among other things, this gem about life and death and life: A Soul Misplaced
Paul wrote vividly realised stories set in another time and place. Start with The Cloud Camel
Uma wrote Lemon Blossoms as a tiny meditation on the theme of "going home"
Paul Thompson offers us a different place in The Women of New Aretha
Read more at his blog
Mark Paxson wrote a series of stories set in an old folks' home. Try A Quiet Night for starters.
TaylorDauna has a lovely little story about an untidy room...that takes a turn for the unexpected