StoryADay “Essentials” Series

So, you’re thinking about taking part in the StoryADay May challenge (or maybe the StoryADay September challenge — same challenge, different season!)…

How exactly does one do that?

Here’s a series of Essential Articles to get you started.

2016signpostbox138x96Six Simple Steps for Jumpstarting Your Writing

A short-and-sweet article designed to help even the most blocked of writers get to the end of their first story in years.

2016signpostbox138x96How To Know What You Should Be Writing

It’s all very well wanting to write…but how do you decide where to start? This article cuts through the noise to help you figure out where to start.

2016signpostbox138x96How To Justify Your Writing Time (To Yourself And Others)

You’ll never find time to write. You must make it. The first (and biggest) hurdle is convincing yourself that you have the right to take time out of your day to write.

2016signpostbox138x96Your Secret Weapon For Creative Success:  Story Sparks

What are Story Sparks? They are your secret weapon…your best defense against the tyranny of the blank page. Find out more in this article.

2016signpostbox138x96From Spark To Story 

7 proven ways to take your Story Sparks and fan them into the flames of a fully-realized story.

2016signpostbox138x96How To Write A StoryADay For A Month Without Burning Out

Writing a StoryADay for a month is hard, no doubt about it. This article shares years of experience from myself and other writers about:

  • why it’s worth it
  • what to do when things wrong
  • what to do to ensure you’re successful

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