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(specifically, the short stories we wrote during StoryADay May 2011)

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eas demers says
"My collection of stories over the month of May centered around the mystery adventures of Donaghey Cross and Dylan Martin and their quest to figure out whodunit without having it 'dun' to them."

She recommends you start with Introductions
Stacy says "I wrote micro-stories for the StoryADay challenge. Each story focused on a chapter idea for my memoir-in-progress about the four-year period following my late husband's stroke. Some days I wrote multiple stories on the same topic or expanded on a previous day's topic. I weaved the daily stories together to create this one story our life.

I’ve come here from the future to warn you about Aaron’s writing. Don’t read it. Whatever you do, don’t do that; It’s vital for the existence of all things understandable. Wait a minute. Is your name Daniella Martin? If you are Daniella Martin from 5432 Spiriling way, Minnesota, then you shouldn’t read Aaron’s writing. Everyone else should forget about this warning. It never happened.

Ashkiis Spot

You should also read
Uncertain, part of a Noir series by Alexis A. Hunter.
(Even Daniella.)
Alexis Hunter is a freelance writer, specializing in short stories and flash fiction. A lifelong fan of the Fantasy genre, she has a passion for all things mythical, ethereal and out of this world. This is her first year participating in the Story-a-Day challenge – and she is happy to say she completed 31+ stories throughout the month of May. You can find out more about Alexis at her blog

Read her stories: What She Didn't Do and its counterpart: Last Flight.

Alexis recommends Aaron Shively's Mistake

My name is Jessica L. Roel. I am a 29 year old aspiring writer who took on this challenge in order to get myself back into the habit of writing short stories. While I did not finish the challenge in its entirety, I did enjoy the process of the stories I did write. It reminded me that I am still capable of writing original stories.

My Stories:

Mother's Day Blues
The Dilemma
Julie says, "I couldn't write one day so I went for a walk: at the furthest point from home it started to pour with rain. By the time I got home, this story was swirling around in my head."
Rain Dancing

She recommends Wee Angels
Karen Lockinger Greenberg's story "Home" began with one of the StoryADay prompts: Write a story with a strong sense of place.