What Will It Take To Make You Write?

One of my absolute favourite blogs in the world is WhoDunnKnit by Deadly Knitshade. It is funny, absurdly creative and did I mention funny?

Knitters are fun!

I’m always inspired by the posts because in them I see someone doing what she loves, doing a really professional job, and committing to her art in a way that anyone with a passion would admire.

I’ve been subscribed for a while now, but today I finally read the ‘about’ page on the blog.

It turns out, the author had a run-in with cancer and, when she was finished her treatments, she launched herself into her creative work and has made a career doing what she loves.

It’s a story I’ve heard over and over again: people living ho-hum lives until tragedy (or near-tragedy) strikes. At that point they look at their lives, remember that we’re all mortal and decide to really start living.

What will it take to make you stop waiting and start writing every day (not ‘someday’)?

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I'm Julie and I started this thing. I'm also the host of International Short Story Month http://shortstorymonth.com I write, I blog, I'm a wife and mother, I knit, I sing, I play board games, I fiddle with gadgets, and try to fit in all that mudane stuff like laundry and dishes, too. Sometimes.

One thought on “What Will It Take To Make You Write?”

  1. Sometimes it takes this kind of experience for someone to realize what they truly want. As for me, I just need to get over my fear of commitment (to writing). I know I can write, I also know my stories or poetry are not horrible and that I can be published. I just find it hard to have time to write between everything and if i write everyday or commit myself to writing everyday then I have to rearrange everything else in my life and right now that is not possible.

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