[Writing Prompt] 1200 Words

Welcome to StoryADay May.

It’s Day 1. You’re nervous, you’re excited, you’re full of ideas…(you are, aren’t you?), so I’m not going to tell you WHAT to write, only how much.

(And of course, you should remember that these prompts are entirely optional. If you want to write a 10,000 word novella today, you go right ahead. Just remember to save some juice for tomorrow!)

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The Prompt

Write A Story Of Around 1200 Words

Why write a story of 1200 words?

This is the perfect length for the start of this challenge because it’s manageable (not too long, not too short, doable in an hour or less if you sit down with some ideas ready to go).

Think about it. You have:

  • About 300 words to establish your setting and your character in his/her ordinary environment,
  • 700 words to fit in some conflict, development and a nice rich crisis that can only resolved by your character confronting some kind of demons (inner, outer, literal, figurative, all of the above…),
  • 200 words to wrap things up and leave us wondering what that character might go off and do next.

(I’ve already written 206 words here!)

Take your best story or character idea. Choose a moment that provides conflict for your character and …


When you’ve finished your story, leave a comment below or join the Victory Dance Group in the community and tell us about your writing day.

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