[Prompt] May 2 – Memories

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Write From Your Memory

Take an incident from your past – one shining afternoon; one horrible moment — and give it to a character (like or unlike you).


Play it out as it happened or as you wish it had happened. Take it from the beginning through the middle to the end. Make us see it. Make us care.

Relive a moment in time.


6 thoughts on “[Prompt] May 2 – Memories”

  1. Second story I’ve written in one day to try and catch up. I put a little twist on it–it’s about me walking my dog on a bike trail, but with a different ending.

    1. Of course, you don’t really have to catch up. You can just write one story a day from here on out. You can even keep going into June if you want to get to 31 stories…

      But, well done!

  2. I combined some elements of my own mother with some of the elements of HER mother…..and added a liberal pinch of Shakespeare and a dash of fantasy…..and got a disturbing little story I think I needed to write tonight.

    Tomorrow’s first line will be tonight’s last…. “As I looked up at the night sky, a star fell….”

    I will be posting it to my blog next….

  3. Great prompt, Julie! I wasn’t sure about it at first – thought maybe I’d just use the word ‘memory’ as my prompt. But then I found a neat little setting from my past and turned it into something much more fantastic. 😀

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