35 thoughts on “Day 3 – Write A Drabble”

  1. I’ve written (maybe) hundreds of 100-word poems. Even published a book of them. I’m so OCD about them that I more often than not go on to 150 words if I can’t end one on 100. So, you’ve hit my sweet spot. Or at least I hope so.

    “Going to Be”

    “It’s going to be fine,” she said as she tried to convince me of that which she tried to convince herself.

    “I know,” I said, because I figured it’s what I needed to hear as much as she did.

    And that’s the cadence to which she’ll march, in words as much as deed, past but never away from the loved ones we’ve lost. I’m sure I have it confused in my wrong-footed way.

    “Let’s keep moving,” I said, though I’m not sure it’ll be fine.

    That’s because what I hear is “Fine. It’s going to be.”

    Maybe that’s enough.

  2. I wrote that story four times. Two before I like it, and the rest to reduce the wordcount. 😛
    Also, it has a sad, very important topic, that is terrible explained from the POV of an awful person and it is part of that collection in a school for villains. I feel that it is perfect for the collection, but I don’t feel confortable publishing a cold half truth like that in a sensitive topic. Maybe I should write the same event with other POV and publish them together…

    1. Welcome! And feel free to skip ahead to the current day rather than catching up.

      You can always loop back around to the earlier prompts in June!

  3. Love 100 words stories! Challenging. Mine is a chapter with OCD. Humor and sadness.

    I’m struggling to pare it down to 100 words, and wondering if this story needs to be 300 words and my story from yesterday needs to be 100 …play time!

  4. I struggled with this a bit. And then I was sitting here and it came to me. Here is my story.

    The old man tottered up to my door carrying a suitcase. I watched, heart in mouth, as he lost and regained his balance. I knew not to run out and help, he needed to feel useful and there was so little opportunity for that in his life anymore. He looked up at me and smiled briefly, concentrating on what he was doing. I smiled back. I could tell by his expression that he didn’t know who I was. I waited. Maybe it would come to him, maybe it wouldn’t.
    “Hello there” he said. The blank look didn’t change.
    “Hi Dad”.

  5. I forgot to comment yesterday, but my 100 word story was a brief diary entry. It was challenging, but fun!

  6. Title: Citizen(ship) – 99 Words

    I received my United States citizenship today. At first, it was a calm, reasonable idea but as I moved further and further along in the process, closer to the date, it became more difficult. There were pictures, fingerprints, tests, and interviews all culminating in a forty minute ceremony where I denounced affiliation with my previous country and birthed my American nationality. Overall, there hasn’t been much change, but there is a weight in my chest that seems to be pulling to and fro, trying to figure out if I made the right decision. In reality, I may never know.

    1. This one resonated with me for obvious reasons (US citizen since 2011). I didn’t have to renounce my original citizenship, but i love that image of the pendulum weight in your chest and the ultimate decision to not decide. That felt very true, to me.

  7. Glad it was 100 words – I did write quick but it was fun. Still need to edit it down but had clients all day and notes to write after that etc… I know, excuses! But I did write – a bully who’d always had his way is surprised when he pushes his way into her life again and starts making demands… perhaps he wouldn’t have returned if he’d known she’d been learning Aikido since he left! As I said, it was fun and a good way to wind down after a full on day :). Potential here for a longer story I think.

  8. I *loved* the drabble prompt. After going a little bit overboard in terms of length on the first two days, it was very nice to be able to gear down a little bit and know that it was . I wrote a fantasy story about interdimensional portals that was a bit jokey. To me, the 100 word length always feels like there’s just enough room for a setup and a punchline.

  9. Title: Message Not Delivered

    SENT: In meeting, can’t talk but can text, what’s up?

    MOM: Please call – Dad and I want to divorce, need help deciding what to do with stuff in house.

    SENT: Will call ASAP… love you guys. John?

    MOM: Called him. You know your brother, said he doesn’t care as long as he gets the couch.

    SENT: Seriously?

    MOM: Technically it’s yours but you two can sort it out.

    SENT: What about counseling? Sorry this is just really unexpected.

    MOM: Oh my gosh sweetheart I meant to say “decorate” not divorce!!! Dad and I are fine!

    MOM: Jessica? [message not delivered]

  10. Samara

    For eighteen years, until Botany 101, Samara didn’t know that her name was the word for the winged seed pods of maples—helicopters, whirlybirds, spinning jennies. Samara was adopted. Born in Boston, raised in a homogenous Midwestern suburb, she understood her name to be vaguely “ethnic,” had given it little thought. An hour in the library uncovered the following facts: (1) Ari Chaikin, published widely on seed dispersal and the biomechanics of plants, was an MIT professor; (2) eighteen years ago, Chaikin’s pregnant wife died tragically, (3) her baby miraculously survived; (3) in Hebrew, Samara means “protected by God.”

  11. I have been meaning to work on 100 word stories more so was excited for this prompt!
    A lot of thinking before writing for this story.
    Title: The Flower

  12. I can’t remember who said it, but I’ve always been partial to this quote: I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.

    (The quote has been attributed to Twain, but that seems in some dispute.)

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Find out more about the StoryADay


The only qualification to be a ‘Superstar” is a desire to write and support your fellow writers.

A supportive group of committed writers, who meet virtually, support each other’s efforts, and inspire each other.

Registration for 2024 open now-June 8, 2024

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