2019 Day 23 – A Picture

How did you get on yesterday? Did you write a story?

Remember, set your own rules, and stick to them. If you miss a day, don’t try to catch up. Just keep moving forward!

The Prompt

Write A Story Inspired by This Painting

Richard Norris Brooke (American, 1847 – 1920), A Pastoral Visit, 1881, oil on canvas, Corcoran Collection (Museum Purchase, Gallery Fund) 2014.136.119


Check back every day for more prompts, and don’t forget to come back and leave a comment to celebrate your writing successes, every day!

14 thoughts on “2019 Day 23 – A Picture”

  1. Okay this is really weird – the prompt that I used on Day 23 was to use the “opening line – never tell anyone your real name” and it appeared again today on Day 27. I scrolled back to Day 23 and found the picture as prompt and since I hadn’t seen it before I opted to use it rather than re-doing another prompt.

    Having said all that all I can say about what I did today was put words on paper – I wasn’t happy with what I wrote but I wrote. A picture may be worth a thousand words but I really struggled to get anywhere close to that. Somehow, looking at a picture blocks my ability to write.

  2. September Day 23. A PICTURE.
    I really loved this challenge! Secretly I am thinking I might see how many different stories I can write from this prompt!
    This time I wrote about a preacher and his family. The eldest son had just revealed that he was leaving home to join a banjo band. Obviously the preacher felt this was falling into the devil’s hands and hit the roof.
    I describe how the mother goes into automatic pilot mode to deal with what normally ensues when father is ‘crossed ‘ What actually happens is very unexpected.
    I wrote 800 words but I could write more because I have another twist I could put in this story!

  3. What a lovely prompt!
    I chose to write about the banjo. In my story the picture records the moment an executor of a Will presents the young man with a banjo he has inherited. Since then the banjo and the painting have been passed down the generations to a musical member of the family . Each owner has a story to tell.
    1800 words

  4. This was another fun one Julie – thanks! I used this as a springboard to an annual picnic hosted by some of the more established families in the area. Had fun learning more about some of the folks in the surrounding area……

  5. I’ve written every day but one. So I’m behind. But when I get a chance I’m going to write a story for this picture.

  6. Just finished the 23rd chapter of my second draft of my murder mystery for this month’s challenge. Only another few days to go. Thanks Julie for making this all happen. I’m enjoying having fun with the writing again, just moving forward every day while I keep the editor/inner critique locked away for a month. Invigorating. Cheers and well done everyone!

    1. Gerry! Great to hear from you and congrats on that novel! Love hearing how you’re challenging yourself.

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