2019 Day 26 – Two Directions

How did you get on yesterday? Did you write a story?

Remember, set your own rules, and stick to them. If you miss a day, don’t try to catch up. Just keep moving forward!

The Prompt

Two Different Directions

Today’s story should feature two characters or factions who want to go in different directions. Lots of room for character desire and conflict, here!

You can take this as literally or figuratively as you like.


Check back every day for more prompts, and don’t forget to come back and leave a comment to celebrate your writing successes, every day!

12 thoughts on “2019 Day 26 – Two Directions”

  1. September Day 26
    Two Directions
    Julie, I decided to work on my May story and finish it.
    It’s about a husband and wife who have very different dreams for their future. The husband makes the mistake of internalizing the conflict he is feeling and allows a massive change to their life. This causes an increasing number of tense situations with several unexpected twists. I feel I have created a surprising resolution to the conflict at the end of the story.
    I wrote 2575 words.

  2. I’m finding that very late night and very early morning are my best writing times. The house is actually quiet at those times and I don’t feel like I’m neglecting anyone, so I can think more creatively.

    So I finished this story up that I started last night. It’s about 2 people with basically the same objective, both trying to work together, but due to communication problems and differing methods, they each think the other is keeping them from accomplishing the objective. The story ends without resolution.

    1. That’s a great insight. Those are definitely my favorite times for very much the same reasons.

      I got caught up in that, for a while, thinking I could ONLY write at those times. Of course, I discovered that a decent deadline will allow me to shut out distractions even in my slump-time (afternoon), but it is, for sure, easy to write at the times where it comes most naturally.

  3. Identical twins (daughters of a twin) lead identical lives until they hold a quiet rebellion at aged 12 and begin to go separate but similar ways. Their lives become more and more diverse – eventually the older by three minutes leaves for a high powered job and all kinds of opportunities for recreation involving water sports in Vancouver and the younger by those same three minutes, remains in Calgary while openly living with her female partner and pursuing her doctorate in the arts.

    1. That’s a great premise and I can see it easily turning into a novel. If you’re writing the short story of this, which moment would you choose as the focus of the story? I can see potential for a couple…

  4. I did a lot of research on how to improve my writing about conflict. As a result I have only got as far as exploring my characters and a story outline but I shall complete this in June😂! I’ve really enjoyed this prompt.

  5. Well, this one went in an unexpected direction…thought I had it planned going one way and my characters took it in another direction.

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