Day 11 – Write a Story in 100 Words

Julie Duffy Writing Prompt

The Prompt

Write a story in exactly 100 words

The Author

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Julie Duffy is a writer and the founder and host of StoryADay. She juggles and knits, though rarely at the same time.

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16 thoughts on “Day 11 – Write a Story in 100 Words”

  1. Sasha had a story to write. She knew it was there, in her mind, somewhere. She felt it rolling around one morning when she woke up, only to settle somewhere unreachable by the time she left her bed. She puzzled over it in the shower. She attempted to recall the right words while nursing her coffee and pastry at the kitchen table. It completely left her mind at work. But during her dinner date with Nate, it suddenly came to her and she excused herself to feverishly thumb out her thoughts on her phone while pretending to use the restroom. (w/c 100)


  2. We enjoyed the restricted word count and had fun coming up with a brief story!

    Sage crept along the deer trails, senses straining for any sign of her elusive quarry. She’d been set loose with five of her peers to scour the wilds for an elusive foe. The glimm was a rare species and invasive to a fault. Luckily for Sage and her people, the glimm were also typically solitary. The young hunter that captured or killed a glimm would be elevated and revered. Sage tries not to think too hard about the possible killing. She had been assured her qualms would fade with time. She was young still, barely an adult. She would learn.

  3. I do enjoy the challenge of restricting my word count. I am normally very verbose and I know it is good for me! It took me quite a while to reduce my story to 100 words but I’ve done it now! It really is a much better story so I must be mindful of this weakness in my writing.
    Thank you Julie x

    1. Outside, the flicker calls. Sharp. Insistent.

      It is time, but for what?

      Through the living room window, I see a white moth flutter over and around the unruly, swollen hedge. Be still, rest and listen. Balance your being.

      Cool fresh energy caresses my shoulders, my elbows, the spot between but above my shoulder blades. Follow the flicker? My best adventures, my most life changing decisions, have started by following the flicker, the most touching of which resulted in me giving away my beloved first Uke after a merry chase.

      The moth flutters back, white, calming.

      I will stay and write.

  4. This was a fun one to write.

    I love the ambiguous ending I came up with. Basically, a boy takes his pet monster on a camping trip. The other kids find out and tell him to take it back home. When he gets home, his mom is happy to see him. The story ends with, “Hungry?” and the eyebrow-raising answer, “Nah, we just ate.”

  5. Laughter is still weaving in and out of my subconscious right now, which it tends to do from time to time. It scares me sometimes because the voice in my head has a strange, dark sense of humour. But one thing remains constant…when it is in this kind of mood, I won’t be able to sleep. It ALWAYS brings nightmares with it. Ugh. Might as well get up and try to get this strange energy out. My face feels like a mess, wet and sticky for some reason. No matter. I’ll just wash it.
    Wait. What is on my face? Is that blood? And why….why is my skin so pale and white? What the hell!?

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