Day 15 – Halfway House

Julie Duffy Writing Prompt

The Prompt

At the midpoint of May, I want you to write a story where your character is half way between one thing and another — at a transition. This can be literal, emotional, or metaphorical.

The Author

Julie Duffy is a writer and the founder and host of StoryADay. She sounds Scottish to her American friends, and American to her Scottish friends. Everyone else assumes she’s Canadian, which is no bad thing…follow her on Twitter and Instagram @storyadaymay

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5 thoughts on “Day 15 – Halfway House”

  1. I wrote about William at a Rubik’s Cube competition. He’s tired and feels like a failure, but then he remembers what his first teacher taught him about solving the Rubik’s Cube:

    “Always think that the cube is halfway solved. You just have to solve the last half of the cube.”

    He solves his cube in 21 turns and wins.

  2. Once again it triggered an idea to write in to my novel. My protagonist flees from her parents home and takes a job in another country, just as a way to have a roof over her head and her living costs covered. Fate intervenes from the minute she stepped off the train, or rather fell off. She was given first aid and, having missed the last connection of the day, she was helped to find overnight accommodation. Her good Samaritan later appears at her workplace and it turns out he is a relative of her employer. It is a surprise to them both. A relationship develops which has the potential to change all her plans. Should she follow her heart or her head?
    It will give my novel an unexpected twist.

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