Party Time | StoryADay 2024 Day 31

You did it!!! Amazing!

day 31 cover

The Prompt

Write a story set at a party

Things To Consider

Parties are great for stories because they are great opportunities for characters to come into conflict with each other, their own desires and expectations of society.

They can also be huge fun.

This can be a great opportunity to write a story that could double as the seed for a chapter in a novel-in-progress, if you have one of those on the go.

Bring all your characters together around one dinner table or in one back yard an let them loose on each other.

• What simmering resentments will someone air?

• Who will not confront the person they should confront?

• Whose secret will accidentally be shared by a loose-lipped older sister?

Then, make a note to show up at our StoryADay May 15th Anniversary celebration tonight!

Leave a comment and let us know how it went!

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12 thoughts on “Party Time | StoryADay 2024 Day 31”

  1. I wrote about a neighborhood party where the wife gets into a nice conversation with a man there while her husband is busy flitting around ignoring her. Once he sees she’s having a good time talking to another man he puts a stop to it.
    Then I realized I could make this a new chapter of the story I wrote about the woman selling her husband’s slot machines and coin collection in order to pay for her house remodel. He would talk about his collections while at the party and the reader would get a taste of events going on before the house remodel incident.
    After I wrote it I thought about the questions Julie said we could use regarding our story: “What simmering resentments will someone air?”, “Who will not confront the person they should confront?”, since those Q’s could tie into today’s chapter nicely. Leading up to the final confrontation of the house remodel.
    This is the first time I’m thinking of writing a novel but before getting ahead of myself, I’d better try writing another chapter.

  2. I did something I haven’t ever done: wrote the first chapter of a book-length mystery. We’ll see what happens.

    It’s the small, family party the night before the MC’s big eightieth birthday party. Introducing the characters, all of whom (except the MC) will be suspects. Despite some minor tensions, the family members are depicted as humorous and deeply affectionate. Then one of them is found strangled.

    I was focused on character much more than plot. I have an idea how the murder was committed, but no idea who did it, or why.

  3. Dear Julie,

    Sorry for not replying to your invitation earlier. I guess, I am either not smart enough like a lot of other people or plain chicken-hearted.
    Whatever, the last 1 month with you all, has been challenging yet unforgettable. I don’t know how I chanced upon a good soul like you. It was my fate, I reckon. This was the third time for me taking part in StoryADay Contest and I enjoyed every bit of it.

    Right now as you are partying, celebrating the closure and success of a memorable event, I find myself shut up in my room watching a movie entitled “After the Rain”.

    I feel sad thinking about not replying to your invitation last time as well. Forgive me, dear Julie for shying away from something, attending which would have been sheer bliss like the icing on the cake.
    You may not even realise what a great service you are rendering to Story writing and writers like me. I keep on sending my stories to here, there and everywhere, and more often than not, rejection is my reward! The fact that I could have 30 of my stories published is like a dream come true for me.

    There is no way I can express my gratitude, dear. I can only pray to The Almighty to fulfill all your dreams and desires. To continue showering His blessings on you for everything and ever more.

    Keep inspiring and impacting lives like the way you have been doing.
    I do hope I will get another chance to participate in the Contest next year. You won’t find me irresponsive to your invitation then.
    Take care and stay happy always.
    Love you and nothing but the very best for you.
    ‘Au revoir’ till we meet again.


  4. 860 words. And it doubles as the next scene in Prove Me Wrong. Markus ends up at a party he doesn’t really want to be at. He tries to stick it out then bolts at the end.

  5. 4:30 am. Another restless night because of shoulder pain. But after writing for the past 2 hours or so I’m pleased with my story. It’s part 3 from day 29 and 30.

    So 31 days. 28 stories (sorry missed 3 days), 25 complete, I’m pretty happy with myself. I’m looking forward to June to editing my stories.

    Great Story A Day May 2024.

  6. (I haven’t had my lunch yet. Writing is such sheer madness! I hope that no one will take offence as far be it from my thoughts. Once I started, I wrote on as per the dictates of the voice in my head. Please let me know if it is upto anything!
    Bye, my dear friends. Take care and stay happy always. Love you all.)
    The Friendship Party
    They have all come to see him off at the Airport. As Rathin hugged Andrew, he mumbled,“ Thanks friend. I know now I’ve friends in America. Friends who care, unlike those relatives.”
    Valerie stepped out to offer him the bouquet.
    “Next time you come to The States, make it a point to come to Arizona. You’d love it as much as you claim to love my stories….”
    Everyone let out a racacious laughter.
    Rathin lowered his head as she put her hands around him.
    “I’m sorry, Valerie for the way I lost control last night. I think the excitement of attending the party took a toll on me. I just wanted to enjoy myself like never before in your magical country…”
    “ You indeed are a talented man, Rathin.” It was Julie Duffy standing before the closed glass door on the lounge. “Come back to America again. Safe travels.”
    Rathin looked at her gratefully and slipped inside without looking back again.
    He didn’t want this marvellous bunch of people from the 15th Anniversary of StoryADay Party last night to see the unshed tears in his eyes!
    “I think it’s wrong of Rathin to have one of his stories published on a magazine the same day he had it published on StoryADay this May! No, Julie, as the brain behind the Contest, you must do something about such delicate issues!” Teresa sipping from her crystal glass told the table.

    “I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong, Julie? Show me the guidelines for taking part in the Contest! Where are they? Where is it written that once you publish your story on this platform, you can’t send it anywhere without Julie’s prior consent?” Rathin putting his whiskey down briskly on the table, asked the others.

    “Would you like to have some more, Ratting?” Andrew asked him, while pouring some into his glass before passing it on to Rathin sitting on his right.

    “Look here, everyone. We’re not here to debate over who should have done what or not. The whole point why I suggested and had The Party organized was to celebrate our victory, our achievement. Like I informed you through the email earlier – whether you wrote zero or no story, or whether you wrote thirty, is irrelevant. What really counts is that each one, in my eyes, is a winner. And this party here tonight is a clebration of your achievement.” Julie said trying to avoid Rathin’s eyes on her since he took his seat on the chair opposite. There had to be something wrong with the boy. Drinking heavily like he didn’t have a care since the party began, his eyes kept moving around the table like the b—–d was looking for a bride.

    “If what Julie has stated now, be the case, let’s forget about the guidelines or anything else related to the Contest for the time being, Buddies….” Andrew left his sentence hanging in the air as Rathin burged in again.

    “ The evening is still young, man. Led’s discuss some of de stories at least.”

    This time it was Teresa who chipped in, “Regarding that, you didn’t give us much space to share our stories, did you?” She looked reproachfully at Rathin rubbing his mouth with the back of his hand before adding,“The way you have been using the StoryADay platform lately, is like it’s your monopoly!”

    “Is dis de reasan why you invited me all de way from Kolkata, Julie?”
    He didn’t take his eyes off Julie since she entered in that stunning blue suit of hers, thereby making it impossible for her to reply to his question. Besides, his voice was drooling. Valerie joined them just then.

    “Sorry for being late. Got stuck in a jam, you know.” She apologized, putting the car key in her front pocket and sitting down beside Lisa.

    “Welcome, Valerie. Like you informed me over the phone, we went ahead with the discussions about The Contest this year..”

    “And I’s telling dem dat we needed to discuss some of the stories at least….”

    “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Rathin. The party tonight is to celebrate our momentous achievement, to let go of our personal issues and make lasting friendships for a life time.” She smiled showing her sparkling teeth.

    “You see, friends, I don’t mind talkinh about my stories. Aren’t dey great? Tell me honestly…..” He looked across seeking support from Valerie this time.

    There was absolute silence in the air as Rathin turned around then and waved at the waitress.

    “Hey, you beauty! What do you think you’re doing standing with your arms folded like that? Get me my brand without looking at me with that dumb look on your face. Get it fast…” Then turning his head back, he chuckled sheepishly.

    “I do hope you all are enjoying yourselves. Now thrse are the plans for tonight that I chalked out with some friends. We’ve the “Welcome Address” followed by the “Experience Sharing Session”. Lisa has agreed to deliver “The Vote of Thanks” right before the dinner.” With the smile hovering still around the corners of her mouth, Julie moved her eyes around to make sure all were listening attentively.

    “Welcome Address!”, “Vote of Thanks!” Would someone care to explain what’s been going on here? Is this some kinda school reunion or what?” Rathin asked with blank eyes.

    Andrew laid a firm hand on his shoulder then before turning to Julie as she stood up, pushing the chair behind
    “So, Julie, let’s get done with the Welcome Address first.”.

    “Once more, Good Evening, Friends. You can’t imagine how my heart swells right now to find all of you present tonight. 52 more of our friends called me earlier to extend their apologies for not being able to make it here tonight.

    When I conceived the idea of StoryADay some twenty years back, I had a dream at the back of my mind. A dream of building Bridges of Friendship through the medium of Quality Story Writting…”

    “May I?” It was Rathin again, standing up and pointing the small finger of his left hand recklessly.
    As he passed the pretty waitress in white on his way to the washroom, he winked at her a enticingly, throwing his arms out.

    “What’re yu wedding for, girlie? Come to me. ‘Bridges of Frendship’, didn’t you hear that, sweetie?”

    By the time Rathin came back, Lisa was moving to the concluding part of her experience of having taken part in the contest this year.

    “You know, as a kindergarten teacher, I’d to tell, over the years, a lot of stories to the kids. But telling stories is totally different from writing them. When I posted that remake story of “The Three Little Pigs”, I was worried at first thinking of your reactions to it. Your encouragement and positive feedback afterwards, is definitely gonna help me grow as a writer. Thanks to you all, I’ll be more confident and secure next time I take part in any contest. I want to grab this opportunity of letting you all know that I remain very obliged. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.”
    She concluded her speech to a thunderderous applause.

    No sooner Valerie had stood up when Rathin was seen coming back. He dabbed at his mouth with his yellowish handkerchief before loosening the knot of his tie. His gray coat was wet at some places.

    “Oh, Valerie. Tell them how much I appresheeted dee. You know….I fell in love with that story you wrote. That story….what’s it called? The story…” Running his hand through his hair, Rathin shrieked out like he had no clues of what he was talking about, much to Valerie’s dismay and discomfiture. He staggered back from his chair and putting his handkerchief to his mouth, he scampered to the washroom again.

    At a signal from Julie, both Andrew and Friar exchanged a quick look before getting up from their chairs. It was time to act. They slowly started moving towards the same washroom then. They couldn’t let him spoil a pleasurable party like this tonight.
    A little later, Rathin, his left hand over the shoulder of Friar while his right was hooked onto the upper arm of a waiter, was seen being dragged to the car outside.

    “Is he drunk?” Someone from the media, waiting outside, queried.

    “No, he’s just on one of his writing sprees…” Someone shot back from beside Rathin.
    The end

      1. Thank you, Teresa for the encouragement.
        Nothing like having some friends like you as well. Stay safe and all the very best.

    1. Hey Rathin, this is funny and crazy and it’s wild being one of the stars in your party story. Keep writing crazy stuff.

      1. Dear Valerie,
        Your words of encouragement mean a lot to me, Valerie. I’ll definitely try writing crazy stuff like you suggested. Problem is – I have always been looked upon as a very serious person. So, I am not sure if most people would approve of my writing such crazy stuff.
        I take you as a friend and look forward to participating in some other contests some other times together.
        Till then, take care and keep smiling. All the very best.

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Find out more about the StoryADay


The only qualification to be a ‘Superstar” is a desire to write and support your fellow writers.

A supportive group of committed writers, who meet virtually, support each other’s efforts, and inspire each other.

Registration for 2024 open now-June 8, 2024

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