Writing In The Fast Lane – Interview With AdorablyAlice

As writers we’re curious. About everything. About people, technology, history, our neighbours, everything.

I’m particularly curious about other writers and how they work, what keeps them going, why they do it.

So here’s the first in a series of interviews with writers, starting with writers who took part in the StoryADay challenge last May.

AdorablyAlice was one of our most active writers during the first challenge. In this interview she gives a lot of credit for her writing success to her secret weapon: her friend and mentor: Cid (also a StoryADay veteran). I’d love it if you’d leave a comment below, picking out one thing from this interview that stood out for you: something that sounded sooooo familiar it made you smile, or something you’d like to try in your own writing life.

Before you started StoryADay how would you have described your writing life?

I used to write a lot when I was younger. Sometime after high school, I stopped. It wasn’t until NaNoWriMo 2009 that I began writing again. So between NaNo and StADa, I was still trying to find a balance between work, school, life and writing.

What made you decide to do StoryADay?

Cid. I found out about StADa through her, and because short story is my weakest point, I thought it would be a good challenge. Plus, I thought it would help me get into the habit of writing daily.

What did you expect to achieve? What did you actually achieve? What did you learn during the challenge?

I wanted to write something every day, and I wanted to get stronger at writing short stories. I did write everyday, but I think I’m still weak in writing short stories. I learned about Twitter fiction, which intrigued me, and I actually wrote a few TwitFic pieces.

How do you make time for writing?

This is a good question. And when I have an answer that doesn’t involve neglecting chores/cooking, I’ll let you know.

Why do you write? What keeps you motivated?

I am most productive on #writersdatenight (yes, I have to include the Twitter hashtag). Once a week a group of five writers (including myself) meet at McAllister’s to eat, socialize a little and write. Because the other four ladies have been writing longer than I have, I feel motivated to write a lot when I’m around them. The sound every one typing is motivating. I’ve tried other writing groups, but they’ve been more socializing than writing, so I don’t enjoy them as much. Lately, Cid has been setting goals for me. Write 5K and get a book. Write 5K and have a Glee marathon. It works. She’s awesome.

What are your aspirations?

Well, I’d love to be published and that’ s definitely a long term goal, but more short term…I’d like to finish a story. Well, I’ve finished a few, but I don’t revise. So a good aspiration would be to go back and revise…lol

Do you have a project or website you’d like to tell people about?

Well, there’s Book-Addicts. There are four of us (Cid’s one of them) and we basically review books across all genres, interview authors, have guest blog spots and book giveaways. It’s a pretty awesome place for people who are as addicted to reading as we are. www.book-addicts.com – get your fix!

I also have my personal website, www.adorablyalice.com, I keep up with how I’m doing as a writer, offering the lessons I learn as I delve into the mysterious ways of The Writer.

Thanks, Alice! (And you can read more about Alice’s experiences with her writers’ groups and productivity in this blog post – which features a fun cartoon from my own writing friend and secret mentor, Debbie Ohi.)

[And one more thing: I’d love to interview you about your writing, no matter what stage you’re at or whether or not you’ve done one of these creative challenges, so leave me a comment below if you’d be willing to chat.]

7 thoughts on “Writing In The Fast Lane – Interview With AdorablyAlice”

  1. Julie: Its so true! The energy other writers bring when you’re writing together really pushes you.

    Cid: Keep the encouragement going. I personally believe in rewards too, so your Glee-watching makes sense to me 🙂

    Linda: I can’t wait for next May either!

    Mark: I’m with you on the writing vs the other things in life. I feel guilty when I don’t write but when I do, the responsibilities still peek over my shoulder! Its all about finding that elusive balance.

    Congrats Alice! Great interview!

  2. The question “How do you make time for writing?” and the response, “This is a good question. And when I have an answer that doesn’t involve neglecting chores/cooking, I’ll let you know.” It’s a hard question and I like the answer because, unfortunately, for me if I’m writing, it means I’m neglecting something else … the kids, the chores, the other interests I have.

  3. Cid, you’re right. For such a solitary activity, writing really does flourish when you unseal the vaccuum lock and step out into the community.

    Linda, so glad you had a good experience. (Confession time: I didn’t write 31 stories either! But I did write more than I would have. A lot more).

  4. Cid definately inspires! I was also encouraged along with Alice to join Story A Day in May. I wasn’t as successful, but I did get a LOT out of the experience. Even wrote a short story that is inspiring me to turn into a full-length novel once I has out the details. 🙂 So, yes, thanks Story A Day May and Cid both for this wonderful oportunity. I can’t wait for next May!!

  5. Wow… I didn’t even know she was doing an interview and now I’m all flattered like! I think the reason I push Alice and the others is that pushing them pushes me. I’m very selective about the things I’m competitive about, but I think it comes out a lot in my writing. I’m in competition with myself, not others, but encouraging them to do better makes me want to do better and more and get the chance to watch more Glee… yeah, I don’t make a lot of sense, lol!

  6. I’ll start the discussion by saying every writer needs a friend just like Cid: someone a little further along on the journey and someone who has a lot of energy! I’ve already ‘met’ Cid and more writers through StoryADay than I have in years of living in one place, and I get so much from online relationships. Wonder if I could find a writing friend in the same time zone?

    How about you?

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