Resources for Creatives

Creative people have many loves. Here are some of my favorite resources for you, as you get your creative kicks off the written page.

Ravelry – A Site for Fiber Arts

Ever knitted, crocheted, spun? If you don’t already have a (free) account at Ravelry you’re missing out. Part craft-log, part-community bulletin board, part respository-of-every-pattern-ever, it’s THE place to be for fiber arts.

Knit Collage

My friend Amy Small designs knitwear AND has her yarn custom made by independent women artists in India. Amy’s creations are wearable art, and if you knit (or want to know how) you should check out her wildly popular knitalongs. She has a podcast, too!

Potholder Rugs with Crispina

Crispina has been making art with recycled fiber for decades and now she’s teaching you how to do the same thing. Check out her shop and her potholder rug course. She’s single-handedly saving tons of fibre from going to the landfill, and she’s ready to show you how to do the same…and create practical art projects in the process.

Learn to Draw Fast

My friend Sandra Angelo is a force of nature and someone who can teach you to draw, even if you’ve always thought you couldn’t.


Sabrina Ward Harrison teaches you how to make mixed-media art books from your journals. Sabrina is a beautiful soul and gifted teacher. You won’t regret clicking through…

Board Game Geek

I know, it may not seem like an obvious choice, but board gaming scratches a definite creative itch for me. Puzzle solving and strategizing in games, is not unlike putting together the pieces of a story, but in this case, someone else has done the hard work before you even turn up! Not to mention that the art and the playing pieces in modern board games are often works of art in themselves. Board gaming is also less solitary than writing 😉

Why We Make Art

Seven artists explain why they write, rap, take photos, draw, dance, and make movies. From

TED Talks About Creativity

A curated playlist about creativity containing talks on all aspects of creativity. You could get lost in here for days…

What are your favorite resources for creativity or you particular flavor of art? Share them in the comments.

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Keep creating,

Julie, Signed

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