Day 17 – Write A Sonnet

Today’s prompt is all about limits, but don’t worry, you don’t have to know anything about poetry and you don’t have to make this rhyme!

The Prompt

Write A Story In 14 Sentences

That’s it!

(Sometimes limits can be surprisingly freeing so if you hate this idea, try it anyway!!)

14 thoughts on “Day 17 – Write A Sonnet”

    1. Terry I really liked your story! Also, I lingered for a bit on your blog and read The Monster Within, and I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed it very much! I have a toddler at home who is definitely working through some jealousy issues with her new baby sister we just brought home… your story made me think of her. Thank you for writing.

      1. I really was a brat. I didn’t understand jealousy then, but I recognized it as an adult. There was a monster within me . It is hard on those siblings that were used to being the only one. I do think that letting the toddler help as much as possible really helps. I had that issue with my kids when they were small too. I let them help feed and get diapers and even help with bathing. In no time, everyone was back to normal. Thank-you for taking the time to stop and read a little about me.

  1. Complete. So I wrote this, then read the comments, then Googled sonnets and realized I know nothing about them. But Julie I really liked yours – I actually just finished reading Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil DeGrasse Tyson and your entry made me think about that book. Agree with Elizabeth, love blurps.

    So I guess I didn’t write a sonnet, but I did write a story in 14 sentences (with the use of some semicolons which were a bit of a stretch…) The story was about a couple trying to decide whether or not to breakup.

    Thank you for the prompt!

  2. Okay so, I really dig sonnets. They’re pretty much the only poetry form I really grocked in school. It felt like quite a luxury to settle in and use that structure to shape a prose piece. I took my time with it and used the volta just before the final two sentences to craft a little horror story that ended up feeling quite a bit more polished than many of my other pieces this month.

    This is all to say, I loved this prompt and I think it’s really smart!

    1. Oh lovely!

      I’m not sure I really grokked sonnets either, but I remembered them, and the Internet helped me with the rest. I too love the idea of the framework they provide.

      Sometimes I feel miffed about the paltry nature of my Eng Lit formal education, but then I remembered I ditched it in second year at Uni in favor of History, so I have only myself to blame!

      1. History is important!

        I kept going back for English degrees, finally finishing somewhere around a postdoc, and I want to say it’s helped my writing, and I think it has, but there was, and still is, a lot of unlearning to do as well? (Especially in terms of that academic perfectionism / imposter syndrome.)

        Which is all to say, I think we’re all doing fine with whatever tools we’ve got. xoxo

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