Day 25 – The Moral Dimension

Day 4, Week 4!

The Prompt

Write a story about someone whose boss is doing something contrary to the main character’s morals.

Today I want you to write a story about a character whose boss (or somebody important to them, with power over them) is doing something illegal/unethical. How will your character react?


4 thoughts on “Day 25 – The Moral Dimension”

  1. My story ended up being about a wizarding school where everyone wants the coveted spot as the trainee of the resident immortal, who tests students by engaging in a host of accepted behaviours of times past, and seeing how the students react. While some of the students struggle with the implications of doing whatever the heck you want and getting away with it, one of them decides he really likes the idea.

  2. Complete. An intern walks into the office on a Saturday afternoon. A few of the staff had agreed to come in over the weekend and knock out a project. He’s the first one in, and catches his boss and another intern having a rendezvous in the office. The office was supposed to be closed. The rest of the team would be there any minute.

    At first he’s disgusted with his boss and feels sorry for the intern. Isn’t he married? Doesn’t she have a boyfriend? Why does she feel like she has to do this to move up? He’s got to warn them before the others arrive.

    Then he starts to wonder… what if this is what she actually wants? He starts to get really worked up, and eventually realizes why he’s so upset. It’s not because of the “ethics” of their conduct; he’s just torn up by the prospect of her wanting to be with someone other than him. Pure jealousy.

    He hears voices coming up the elevator bank. He puts his headphones in, and waits for the fireworks.

    Thank you for the prompt!

    1. Sounds great, Fallon.

      By the way, for some reason that I can’t figure out, your comments keep getting put into the moderation queue (just in case you’re wondering why you don’t see them turn up straight away). But it does mean I see your commments first every day, so there’s a silver lining!

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