Day 28 – Use These Words

This is the kind of writing prompt that puts so many limits on your story that you can’t worry about making the story good. Sometimes you end up with a good story, but the silliness of the prompt removes all pretension and blocks.

The Prompt

Your story must include these words; ink, previously, work, breeze, seven, run, delicious, example, spontaneous, barb.

This is a fun one to share in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Day 28 – Use These Words”

  1. My main character is a core player in a massive online and real life game in which participants have to figure out certain words *cough cough cough* that, when uttered in the right sequence to my MC, will trigger the end of the game and some astounding event. The trouble is, he isn’t consciously aware of the right solution to the puzzle, or what will happen when it’s solved: the result of the game is determined by the hardware that the game designers have installed in his body.


    A very fun prompt! Looking forward to tomorrow. Three more days!

  2. Complete. I wrote a story about a friendly octopus named Oliver who rescued some sharks that were about to be captured by humans. The sharks returned the favor by eating Oliver (nobody ever said that sharks were reasonable). Fun prompt, thank you!

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