103 – StoryADay May 2018 is Underway!

The first week of StoryADay May 2018 is drawing to a close. In this episode I tell you about 

The webinar I did with NaNoWriMo’s Young Writer’s Program, Marya Brennan: http://stada.me/ywplive

The Superstars program, and how you can still join (today): http://stada.me/superstars

Here’s where you can find all the prompts for StoryADay May 2018: http://stada.me/may2018

And I answer a question about burnout and revision during May.


Another new episode of Write Every Day, Not “Some Day”

2 thoughts on “103 – StoryADay May 2018 is Underway!”

  1. Hey there. Day six just checking in. First week has been a sucess. All stories are up to date. Well, except for story 6 but that will be done tonight. I just hadn’t checkied in for a while and wanted to stay in check. I also decided I was going to blog a bit about this as well. I called it How I wrote a story a day in May in the middle of my crazy, busy life.
    You can see that here if you want.https://horrorwriterchristopherridge.wordpress.com/

    Special thanks for all your posts and podcasts. Every enlightening.


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