What is Your Legacy, As A Writer – Episode 253

Writers don’t just write for themselves, we write to be read, and with that we leave a legacy. in this episode I tell the story of two writers who left an impact on me, and invite you to think about your legacy

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Three Ways Writers Connect

This week I bring you three stories from the writing world that bust the myth of the lone genius writer

Episode 252 – This week I bring you three stories from the writing world that bust the myth of the lone genius writer (now, doesn’t that make you feel better).


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Something Has To Change

It’s not just your protagonist who must change!

In a story your protagonist faces the possibility of change before they can  solve the problem they face, win their true love, or defeat their enemy…in short, achieve their heart’s desire.

Funny thing is: as writers, we face that moment of decision too.

That’s what I’m talking about on the podcast this week.

The State of the Short Story

Some early details about the new flavor of StoryADay May I’m introducing this year, and my note from the AWP 2022 Conference – and my thoughts on the state of the short story


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My interview with Jane Friedman:

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Use Conflict to Make Stories More Interesting – a writing prompt

Avoid the trap of writing beautiful language with no plot, but injecting some conflict into your stories…and I don’t mean car chases or war! 

If there is nothing happening in your writing, your stories will be boring!

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You are not Brandon Sanderson

…and you don’t have to be.

The writing world is fascinated with the tale of fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson who announced he had written four surprise novels over the pandemic and used a record-breaking Kickstarter to launch them.

So I’m here to remind you about the different paths available to writers, from creating a practice, to creating an empire that can run a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign.


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Community & Communication

Whether we are from within a community or an outsider, it affects how we perceive the group. That’s important for characters in your writing and it’s one of the topics on this week’s podcast, along with mindset (of course!) and what I’m reading this month.  Included: a writing prompt all about the ways your characters and your readers interact

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What To Write, Today

Know you want to write, but can’t get started? Why not start a fun project, just for you?

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Are You An Overly-Emotional Creative?

I saw a tweet this week, asking ‘am I overly-emotional because I’m a writer, or a writer because I’m overly-emotional?” I have some thoughts…


This tweet, from author AD Graves, got me thinking (shared with permission) 

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Stripping It Back

Writing your bio and summaries of your work causes authors all kinds of angst, but I have good news: you’re probably trying to do too much and be too clever…and this comes to our writing lives too. It’s time to strip it all back to the essentials.


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You Are Unique – Bring It On

Setting writing goals for next year includes reflecting on what we’ve achieved in the past. In this episode I invite you to expand your definition of ‘success’ and talk about Stephen Sondheim. I also encourage you to see moments of frustration as signposts.


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Start Building Your Bio PLUS A Writing Prompt from Michael X. Wang

If you don’t know what to write in your bio…steal!

Plus a writing prompt from Michael X. Wang, author of the short story collection “Further News of Defeat”


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Selling Yourself, Selling Your Work

You have to talk about yourself and your work. I’m sorry if that makes you uncomfortable. The good news? If you can give yourself permission, you CAN learn to do this.


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Scenes vs Summary

What is the difference between writing a scene and writing a summary and when should you do each? I’m sharing notes from my upcoming workshop on that topic, in this episode. Learn why it’s important to write scenes not just summary. And learn when to use them.

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7 Revision Myths for Writer – Busted!

Seven peices of ‘advice’ you NEVER need to hear again, on the topic of revision. Come with me on a myth-busting adventure.

Plus a writing prompt called The Post-Modern Pop Song


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Fearless Feedback

Sharing your writing with other can be fabulous, but also a scary and, occasionally, can dent a writer’s confidence. This episode shows you how to give and recieve critique in a way that will make you and your writing stronger.

This week’s writing prompt: write a story in three sections about two characters who love each other. (at 32 minute mark)


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Preparing to Rework your Writing

Now that you have a stack of stories, what do you do with them? There’s a lot to the next part of the process, and I’m here to break it down into manageable steps for you.


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