Gabriela Pereira and DIYMFA Pt. 1 Plus a writing prompt from Caroline Kim

How is writing like a martial art or a Montesorri school? Find out in my interview with DIYMFA’s Gabriela Pereira

And stay tuned for my thoughts on Caroline Kim’s prompt for the StoryADay Challenge


Caroline Kim’s Writing Prompt

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Keep Writing Until It Gets Weird

Going from week 2 to week 3 of the challenge, something wonderful happens…things start to get weird, and it becomes about ‘getting it done’ not ‘making it good’. And that is a gift.


This week’s writing prompt, from Roxane Gay:

The 3 Day Challenge:

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StoryADay Sept Week 1

What are you learning about writing in this, week 1, of the StoryADay September challenge, 2021?

Let’s talk…

PLUS my extended notes on last week’s writing prompt from award-winning writer Fran Wilde.0


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Fran Wilde Prompt:

3-Day Challenge:

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Who do you think you are?

There are so many easy excuses for not writing, not taking part in challenges, not joining groups…even when we know they’d help. In this episode I encourage you to dismantle those excuses and let yourself be a happy writer, instead.


StoryADay Superstars:

Writing prompt:

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Other Writers’ Brains plus a writing prompt from Premee Mohamed

Writing can be a solitary act, but being a writer can’t be. In this episode I celebrate all the knowledge we have at our fingertips AND the generosity of writers.

Includes a writing prompt from writer Premee Mohamed.


Premee Mohamed’s Writing Prompt (Text)

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6 Ways Writing Prompts Help Your Writing

If you’re serious about your writing, doesn’t it seem like you should be working on your novel or the story-you-want-to-get-published rather than messing about with writing prompts?

Respectfully, no.

Using writing prompts has many benefits, if you’re getting good prompts and you know how to use them.



Writing prompts:

The 3-Day Challenge:

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A Tale of Two Simones

If Simone Biles can get Gymnast’s Block, and Simone Manuel can get Swimmer’s Block, can we stop staying Writer’s Block isn’t real? 

In this episode I talk about performance, confidence, skills and why we need to start being kind to ourselves.

Also includes a writing prompt that puts your character in an uncomfortable situation.


John Burns Murdoch’s Tweet Thread:

Babies belly-laughing:

Animal friendships:

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Jack of All Trades?

What are you working on right now, and how do you work? Do you flit between projects or knuckle down and master each skill? That’s what I’m talking about this week on the podcast.
Also, I talk a little about the new Kindle Vella project…



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