The WRITER Code 2021 Edition

Do you see structure as freeing or stifling? I talk about that and the  upcoming free WRITER Code masterclass (2021 edition) in this week’s show along with a brief flash fiction writing prompt


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Mind the GAP

There is a danger zone between our aspirations and the moment when our writing practice begins to click. You can navigate it safely if you Mind the GAP.

Also: My ShortLIST for figuring out which courses and events to sign up for in the always-crowded summer of Writing Conferences and Festivals.

It’s an acronym-heavy episode this week, but it’s all here to help you become the writer you know you’re meant to be.

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Author Websites with Nancy Fields

podcast cover episode 203 author websites with Nancy Fields

To engage with your audience there’s no tool quite like an author website. Even if your social media presence is strong, it pays to have your own home on the web, and this week Nancy Fields of Fields Graphic Design is here to talk us through everything from how to set up a site, to what to put on each page.


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Engage with Focus

This week I invite you to think about why you do the things you do in your writing life…and how you can make some quick changes that yield big improvements.


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Do You Really Need Feedback On Your Writing?

One of the first questions people ask me, as new writers, is “how can I get some feedback on my writing”. In this episode I argue that might be the wrong question…

Also: a writing prompt about one of the senses.


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Craft In the Real World, an Interview with Matthew Salesses

Episode 1999 - Craft in the Real World with Matthew Salesses

Matthew Salesses is the author of three novels — one written in Flash Fiction — and the writing handbook “Craft In The Real World”. In this episode we talk about writing rules, audience, how to give and receive feedback and what it was like to write a flash fiction novel.

Photo credit: Grace Salesses

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198 – The Practice by Seth Godin

When Seth Godin talks about creative work, I listen.

This week I talk about his new book “The Practice” and how we can rethink and build up our own creative practices.

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197 – Your Writing Legacy

In this episode I pay tribute to my writing buddy Tony Conaway; talk about Creative Wills; and organizing your writing archives and processes.


Creative Will –

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196 – Narrative With Dr. Julie Helmrich

Why the story we tell ourselves is the most important we’ll ever tell…and the impact it has on our ability to manage our inner critic, imposter syndrome and to get our work done.

Dr. Julie Helmrich, psychologist and founder of Iron Psych specializes in change fluency and narrative, and is my guest this week, talking about psychological fitness for writers.


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Ready to write today, not “some day”?