186 – Shiny Object Syndrome

Should you take part in NaNoWriMo this year? Should you attend that conference or take that class? Should you buy that new writing craft book?

Here’s a process to get you started figuring out whether or not you’re looking at a shiny object or a shiny opportunity.


Should You Sign Up for the NaNoWriMo Writing Challenge?


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185 – Write To Read

Are you writing short stories? Why? And are you reading short stories? Which ones and again: why?


20 Short stories to read that will make you a better writer: http://stada.me/readme

Pushcart prize nominator calls for recommendations: http://stada.me/pushcart20

What are you reading? https://storyaday.org/episode185



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184 – What If Writing Felt Inevitable?

So much of our procrastination is powered by mindset, but there’s more to making writing an inevitable part of our lives than simply wishing it was true. I have some suggestions….



Inevitable Writer article: http://stada.me/inev

SWAGr Accountability post: https://stada.me/swagr

3 Day Challenge: http://stada.me/3day


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183 – Writing Through The Change of Seasons

September can be a time for reflection and planning ahead. I have some tips on that as well as some interesting reads from around the web.


Kate Northrup, Do Less: https://katenorthrup.com/

The Good Place, The Podcast: https://stada.me/GoodPlace

Writer Unboxed Titles article: https://stada.me/wutitles

Romantic Gifts article: https://stada.me/gifts

Srini Rao, Risk Tolerance: https://stada.me/risk



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182 – Shaping Dreams

Does it matter if you write? Hell, yes. Let’ s talk about that….


1a, How are you when you are writing? (how’s your focus, your mood, your relationships?)

1b, Who does that impact?

2, Whose writing affected you most deeply in your life?

3, Who could your writing be a gift for?

Not ready for a 30 Day Challenge? Try the 3 Day Challenge: https://storyaday.org/3dc/



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181 – Catching Up With StoryADay September

If you haven’t started writing short stories this month it’s not too late! This week’s podcast is a look back and a look forward at the writing prompts in StoryADay September (from writers like Tobias S. Buckell, Jonathan Maberry, Seanan McGuire, Simon Rich, Grant Faulkner, Art Taylor, and more…).

Plus a short sermon on why you should finish your stories.


Windy Lynn Harris’s Flash Fiction episode of the podcast: https://storyaday.org/episode166/

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180 – Gamify Your Writing

In which I compare writing to whittling, and explain why you’d much rather play Candy Crush than anything you call ‘work’…and how you can use that to make your writing go more smoothly.


Sign up for daily prompts in September: https://storyaday.org/next-challenge/

Today’s writing prompt from Mary Robinette Kowal:

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179 – StoryADay September – Join us?

If you want to discover your best process for writing, you might want to join us for the StoryADay September challenge.

And if you want to keep that progress going all year, consider the Superstars group. 


Sign up for prompts this September: http://stada.me/sept20

Find out more about the Superstars: http://stada.me/Super20


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178 – A Writing State of Mind

What’s the most important skill in writing? Is it plot, character arcs, dialogue, description, pacing?

In this episode I argue that the thing that will dictate your level of success is your state of mind.


Eric Platenberg: http://stada.me/eric

Seth Godin: http://stada.me/seth

StoryADay September Sign up: http://stada.me/sept2020

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177 – Enjoy Your Writing More

Writing is self-directed, so reaching out for support is essential. It can, however, invite unhelpful comparisons with other writers who have different strengths and who are at different stages.

In this episode I explore the writing life through the lens of Martin Seligman’s Positive Psychology and think about the ways we can celebrate our triumphs at every stage.

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