175 – Triumph! Success & Your Writing Life

Success in writing is about so much more than the external trappings (publication, adulation, recognition). 

Every day that you sit down to write, it’s important to feel successful. This week’s episode talks about some ways to do that.

Writing Prompt: Write a Twitter-length story every day this week, to exercise your storytelling muscles, then tag me @storyadaymay


How To Write Twitter Fiction: https://storyaday.org/2016-16-twitter/

Ready to write today, not “some day”?

One thought on “175 – Triumph! Success & Your Writing Life”

  1. My objective for August will be very small. 6000 words. I used this goal recently on Nanowrimo camp and found because it was so small (often taking up 5 minutes of my time), I could always find 5 minutes, and even if I was busy or I felt unwell (I have health problems that affect my energy), I could still manage 5 minutes). I found that on good, non-busy days I would do my daily word count and then just keep going, or go back to it later in the day. Using this I hit 17k by the end of the month.

    Words: 6000
    Work: A mix of fiction (completing 2nd draft of a short story). and non fiction (Starting the first draft, drawing on the notes and excerpts I’ve put down)

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