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I’m guest posting at Writer Unboxed today and it’s all about how to make writing Feel more Fun. Check it out and join in the discussion

A Message from Julie

I read a lot of blogs and articles, researching the best ideas from creative folks; gems that I can share with my beloved writers.

This holiday season, I’ve definitely seen a theme emerge in posts from writers, coaches, artists, and teachers from all over the English-speaking world:


And I’m excited about it.

Acceptance (The Good Kind)

We’re not talking about acceptance in the ‘I might as well not try’ kind of way, but rather in the ’I did this thing and it’s pretty good. Yay, me’ kind of way.

Celebrating what we can do and letting go of what we can’t is a skill creative people need to hone.

All the time, not just in extraordinary circumstances.

And the best news about the start of 2022?

I’m seeing a lot of awesome community spirit as people everywhere focus on cheering each other on into another year-that-does-look-quite-like-we-hoped-it-would.

I believe this is going to lead to new and deeper connections that can only help us all as we strive to be creative (something I talk about in the WriterUnboxed article).

Theme of the Year?

If 2020 was a year of panic, and 2021 was a year of frustration, I’m hoping 2022 is going to be a year of chill-and-connection.

Chill, because of that acceptance I talked about. We’ve learned a lot about our limits in recent years. Some of our expectations have been challenged. Some of our paths have been changed. Now is the time to start putting what we’ve learned into action, and let go of what we thought was coming.

And connection, because we’re not meant to do ‘life’ alone. Creative people like us need to get out of our heads from time to time. One of the best ways to do that is to talk to people…people who understand us and support us.

Of course, we already have a lot of practice with connection-not-competition, here in the StoryADay community and I’m working to build on that, this year so that you can feel yourself making progress towards the writing life you want.

Looking Forward

I hope that you’ll find a way to write what you want to write this year.

I believe it’s helpful if we connect more deeply with other writers, who understand the unique challenges of being a writer. And I’ll be offering ways for you to connect, through challenges, courses, and groups here at StoryADay throughout the year, so keep your eye on your inbox.

if you’ve been yearning to make more of a commitment to your writing, now is your time.

(Have you posted your Serious Writers’ Accountability Group aims for this month yet? If not, you can do it now…and remember that it’s perfectly acceptable to make them chill and for you to be accepting of what you can and can’t manage right now.)

I’ll certainly be embracing Chill and Connection this year. Tell me what you’ll be doing to connect more deeply with your creativity this year…Leave a comment:

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