How Writing Is Like Juggling Chainsaws

I was taking a break from my desk and decided to brush off my old juggling clubs. 

And it struck me how much writing can sometimes feel like an impossible magic trick. 

Watch now to find out what ELSE I learned…

UPDATED: Due to popular demand I have been forced to share this pitiful video, too:

Leave a comment telling me how your confidence level is right now, or ask me a question.

9 thoughts on “How Writing Is Like Juggling Chainsaws”

  1. I have a question for you: did I buy you those juggling clubs?
    I’m very impressed. I never really even became good at juggling 2 balls…

    1. I knew they were probably bought in that wee shop in Edinburgh, but I couldn’t remember for sure. Yes, you must have bought them. Far too extravagant for my student budget. Thanks!!

      1. Yes, way back in the days before proper internet, I vaguely remember ordering by mail-order, does that sound familiar? Definitely Edinburgh, anyway. No plastic degradation taking place? Woody the Cowboy would be impressed!

  2. I could never juggle pins, just balls–way back in college theater classes. And, yes, I’d love to see you juggle.

  3. There is so much that resonates in that brief video. Since I had the privilege to talk with you, a dam has burst, and I have been writing every day, sometimes stories, but also a sudden burst of songs. I think I will try to learn to play guitar. So thank you for your encouragement and light.

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