June News: 7DayStory + StoryFest

I hope your writing is going well.

If you joined us in May, well done, you! I’m sure you’re a little burned out now, but keep reading for some motivation to keep at your craft this month,

In This Issue

  • The rebirth of the 7DayStory Challenge, 
  • StoryFest,
  • The Rest of The Year…

If you couldn’t join in this May, thank you for all the moral support and encouragement. We had a great group of people writing and checking in every day. You should check out some of the comments

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of the group of prompts I put together this year: like a mini writing course. You can still get a copy of them all in ebook form

The weekly themes are Week 1: Limits; Week 2: Elements of Story; Week 3: Rescue Week; Week 4: You Writing Strengths; Week 5: The Last Hurrah;

Pick up your copy here and help support StoryADay.org

COMING NEXT: The 7DayStory Challenge

Whether or not you participated in StoryADay May, you’re going to find this interesting.

This week I’m (re)launching the 7DayStory challenge created by myself and Gabriela Pereira of DIYMFA.com. Seven days of tasks to teach you how to Write, Revise & Release a short story in 7 Days.

I’ll lead you through:

  • 2 days on the first draft
  • 4 days on a cleverly layered revision strategy
  • 1 day on the submission process

Gabriela’s going to be running a Short Story Summit later in the month, with webinars and all kinds of flashy goodness, but if you fancy warming up with a good old-fashioned email course that shows you how to Write, Revise, Release, Repeat, click here, and I’ll get you signed up.

Yes! Sign Me Up For the #7DayStory Challenge

(If you’re already on the StoryADay Mailing list, look for the last email I sent, for a special link, to make signing up easier.)

The first email will arrive shortly after you click, and another one will follow along every day for a week. You can keep them and use them over and over again, whenever you need a polished short story in a hurry.)


What is StoryFest?

It’s our annual celebration of the stories we wrote during StoryADay May. (see last year’s here)

If you have a story you’re proud of, and/or one by someone else that you liked, fill in this form, and I’ll feature them on the front page of the site during StoryFest. Spread the word, and send all you reader friends over to check it out.

(You must have posted the story somewhere online already. I will link to that page)


This was so much fun last year, that I’ll probably do it again this year. So if you couldn’t make May work, how about September?

And, for all the folks whose lives are ruled by full-time education, maybe we’ll go crazy and throw in a StoryADay January next year, just for you. What’d’ya say?


After the 7DayStory and Storyfest, I’ll go back to the regularly scheduled programming of

I don’t always get all of those posted every week, but stay tuned, and don’t forget to leave a comment to let me know how you’re getting on, from time to time.

Keep Writing,


PS, Don’t forget to sign up for the #7DayStory Challenge

4 thoughts on “June News: 7DayStory + StoryFest”

  1. I would LOVE for their to be a StoryADay in September. I only discovered the site at the beginning of June and was super bummed to see that I’d just missed the event. I would definitely participate.

  2. I’m totally up for StoryADay September and happy to help out with prompts if needed. Oh, and is there an epub version of the ebook?

  3. all the plans sound good – storyfest, 7daystory challenge, story a day in september and january. (tried september, failed… but i’m considering picking it up again, hehe.) will consider participating as much as i can. 🙂 many thanks, julie!

  4. I’m struggling with Brainstorming a story! I have zero ideas, so I read back over previous Stories A Day. They all started the same way: I just wrote with no idea of where I was going.

    Would it work to pick one of those stories to work with? And what kind of length is reasonable for this week’s story? I’ve got a story that is really only the start of a children’s story, and some that are more complete.

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