[Writing Prompt] Open Source Story

This post is the second of two. Check out last week’s prompt or stay here to go straight to the part where you steal a story from someone else!

This prompt is part of a two-part prompt. Last week we wrote stories for other writers to steal from. This week we’re doing the stealing.

The Prompt

Look through the links from last week and find a story with a character, premise, setting or ‘what if’ that you think you can steal and build on. Write that story.


  • Don’t worry if the story is less than perfect. As long as it has one appealing feature (character, setting or premise), let the rest go. Just finish it and post it.
  • Think of this like the kernel of a piece of open source software (like WordPress, on which this site is built). Someone came up with the original nugget and you’re building on it
  • Post the story somewhere and provide a link to it. Post it in the comments here if you don’t have a blog of your own.
  • Feel free to take the story off in a completely different direct or into a different genre.

The Rules:

  • You must write the story in one 24 hr period – the faster the better.
  • Post the story (or a link) in the comments.
  • Leave a link to your story and say which story it’s based on
  • Find something nice to say about someone else’s story and leave a comment. Everybody needs a little support!

Optional Extras:

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Some tweets/updates you might use:

Don’t miss my short story: Steal A Story #WriteOnWed #storyaday https://storyaday.org/open-2

This week’s #WriteOnWed short story prompt is a Steal A Story! #storyaday https://storyaday.org/open-2

Come and write with us! #WriteOnWed #storyaday https://storyaday.org/open-2

See my story – and write your own, today: Steal A Story at #WriteOnWed #storyaday https://storyaday.org/open-2

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The Write On Wednesday story prompts are designed to prompt quickly-written stories that you can share in the comments. It’s a warm-up exercise, to loosen up your creativity muscles. Come back every Wednesday to see a new prompt or subscribe.

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