[Prompt] May 18 – The Loner

This prompt is inspired by ‘plot patterns’ from James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure.

Your prompt today revolves around a protagonist who holds him/herself apart from the rest of their society. Perhaps they are an anti-hero, perhaps a loner, perhaps an introvert in a family of extraverts.

Make something happen to tempt/force this person out of their alone-ness. Will they step into their society during the action of the story? When all is resolved will they stay involved or retreat once again?

Write a story about a loner/anti-hero


One thought on “[Prompt] May 18 – The Loner”

  1. I have finished my 18th story. Who would have thought? It is about a kid, a loner, who had no friends, but who is not unhappy . One day he sees a bully pick on a smaller child, without saying a word, he dispatches the bully and helps the smaller child to class.

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