[Prompt] May 30 – The Climax

We’re almost there…but not quite. You might call this The Climax: that moment right before the resolution. So today’s prompt really has to be:

Focus on writing a great climax

The climax is the action the protagonist chooses to take after facing the moment of crisis, where he or she is pushed to the edge with no way out.
Candace Kearns Read

(If you need to ‘cheat’ and take a previously-written character or plot for this one, that’s fine. If that helps you move through the early parts of the story quickly enough to focus all your energy on writing a great climax.)

This is a great moment to show that thing I’m always banging on about: the journey of the character. How has she changed since the beginning of the story? Or how have we?

Remember, the climax is not the resolution (that comes tomorrow, sob!). The climax is action packed (even if the action is internal, or is, in fact, inaction). No wishy-washy stuff here. This is the moment to let your characters shine.


2 thoughts on “[Prompt] May 30 – The Climax”

  1. I did take the easy out today and used a story I had written earlier: Boy Overboard. I think, having the boy pray strengthened the story and perhaps made it one that could be used by a Christian magazine. I had not considered what he might do, earlier, but had made him passive. Thanks for the tip. I don’t write many stories with life and death consequences, but I’ll be sure to pay more attention to the climax in the future.

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