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Get A Graphic Prompt From Flickr

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Pah! I say pictures need us to tell their stories.

Flickr’s “Explore” page is a great place to find arresting images that suggest a scene or a character or a story. Click around, refresh the page, until you find an image that stops you in your tracks. Look at it for five minutes. If, at the end of that time, it hasn’t suggested at least one story or character you could love, move on to another image.

But you can only do this three times. The third time, if you still don’t love the image…tough! You’re stuck with it. Write your story using that picture anyway.


4 thoughts on “[Prompt] May 5 – Flickr”

  1. Thank you! Photo prompts are my favorite to work with, but I hadn’t yet found a place that gave you a random one.

  2. The Maze

    I loved this picture so much. I envision a young girl inheriting a key from her father and finding that it opens the door to this room, a maze of grayness, From that point on she will make comparisons of this room to his mind…. the analogies will be endless. Thanks, I’m using this for my memoirs of a twisted family

  3. I kind of cheated…I flipped through photos and other galleries for half an hour before I found a photo that rocked my socks off. 😉 I’m glad I did though – wrote a pretty exciting story because of it. 😉

    Thanks for the prompt!

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