[Writing Prompt] It Ain’t Easy, Being…

Today’s writing prompt is a traditional ‘scenario’ prompt. I give you the scene and a character, you run wild with it.

The Prompt

Tonight is the kid’s talent show. Your character is determined to be there. Unfortunately your main character is no run-of-the-mill suburban parent. This time, thought, they’re not going to let that job get in the way. No matter what comes up they’re going to let someone else handle it. They can’t stand the thought of getting that look from the kid one more time…


  • The prompt is intentionally vague. Your character can be male, female, trans; human, fish-person, orc (hey, where is it written that orcs can’t be caring parents?)…the kid can be any kid, any age — whatever works for you.
  • What could possibly keep this parent from seeing all their kid’s shows and games, and has them running late to the few birthday parties they’ve managed to attend?
  • Will you write a humorous tale of disaster or a dark, sinister horror thriller? Will your story be uplifting or tragic, or a more realistic mixture of both.


What job did you give your parent? Did you write realistic, fantastic, or inspirational fiction? Tell us how you got on in the comments below or in the community.

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