[Writing Prompt] Putting ‘I’ First

This week we’re going to be playing with point of view. It’s easy to get stuck writing from the same perspective in every story. To break you of that habit, we’re going to be trying the all this week! Feel free to write the same story over and over again, this week, playing with perspective.

The Prompt

Write A Story Told In The First Person


  • First person is relatively easy because it’s how we tell all our stories in every day life (“Oh, you’ll never believe what happened on the way in this morning! I was standing in the line for coffee, and …”)
  • Because your story is all from the perspective of one person, we can never know what any other character is thinking. We can know what the “I” character thinks another person is thinking, but remember that this is always colored by the protagonist’s feelings about the issue and the other person.
  • Grab a book off your shelf to see how this is done: check-lit and Young Adult are often written in First Person. If you have a copy of To Kill A Mockingbird, Jane Eyre, Gulliver’s Travels or The Great Gatsby, pull them off the shelf and see how First Person was handled by the masters.


3 thoughts on “[Writing Prompt] Putting ‘I’ First”

  1. I returned to the land of a previous tale, recruiting an unruly princess…
    I. Love. This. Prompt.
    I cannot wait to rewrite this from another perspective! The former language teacher in me has been released…it is not unlike the Incredible Hulk. Furthermore, every word that has come from my mouth this evening has rhymed. It’s a danger, this writing business…

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