[Writing Prompt] Start A Riot

On May 29, 1913, Igor Stravinsky’s ballet score The Rites of Spring premiered in Paris and sparked a riot!

(Wouldn’t you love to have a short-story-reading public that was so passionate about the art, they were willing to throw punches?!)

The Prompt

Write About A Gathering Of Experts That Degenerates Into A Rammy


  • This could take place at a business or scientific conference. Imagine someone presenting a radical, innovative idea and being rowdily challenged by his fellows.
  • This could be historical, present day, fantastical or sci-fi. You decide.
  • Make sure you set high stakes for the participants. In Stravinsky’s case, he was a young composer, trusted by the great choreographer Diaghalev to compose something new and untested. There were two factions in the audience: the wealthy, conservative ballet lovers and the young upstarts who wanted to revolutionize all things artistic. What will your story’s opposing forces have to lose if their ideas are rejected?
  • Remember, as well as the spectacle and opportunity for action in this story, it must be about characters. Make us care about your characters.


What did you write about? Did you find yourself writing more action than usual? Tell us in the comments or in the community.

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