Refusing The Call?

Can you feel it? The call to be a writer?

It’s tugging at you, deep inside. It’s been there as long as you can remember.

So why do you keep refusing to answer the call?

There are as many reasons (excuses?) as there are people in the world.

I know. I feel the resistance too. Every time I sit down to write a story, every time it gets difficult in the middle.

Heck, every time I sit down to share resources at StoryADay, to help reach your writing dreams, I feel that resistance.

Today I’m feeling that resistance even though I have an awesome resource for you: the replay of yesterday’s free workshop where I taught 90 writers how to write a short story in 40 minutes.

Here’s what attendees had to say:

“Thanks, Julie! This has been a great webinar!” – Kat
“Thank you for taking the time to do this it was fantastic” – Erika
“It looks possible now. I believe I’m doing this.” – Joel
“This will be my first try at a story a day… a little scared but excited too” – Gen
“Making my plan now! – Tanasha

It wasn’t until I found my people, the first writing group where I really fitted in, that I had the courage to cross the threshold from the ordinary world into the magical world of the writer’s journey.

I believe the StoryADay Superstars will do the same for you.

How much longer are you going to spend refusing the call?

2 thoughts on “Refusing The Call?”

  1. Hi Julie! I just finished my short story from the workshop! 🙂 I made up a list of a hundred types of people, a hundred adjectives, and sixty different settings! I rolled dice to see which ones I would get and ended up with the following framework:
    A cantankerous grandma falls at an airport so she hurts her hip, and because of that she can’t go on her flight, and because of that she’s sad until her grandchildren visit her and show her that it doesn’t matter whether she can make it out to them or not because they love her enough to visit her, too.
    Closing question/statement/image: Grandma at home on the couch surrounded by her family.

    1. Excellent! Well done!
      Love the addition of the dice roll. That list should keep you going for a while!

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