This Is StoryADay

Maybe you signed up for emails a while ago and need a reminder what StoryADay is all about. This page is for you!

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StoryADay is a creativity community and challenge:

Write (and finish) a short story every day during May and/or September.

StoryADay exists to promote creativity, and to encourage you to think like a writer, every day, not to teach you how to ‘be a published writer’ this time tomorrow.

Year ‘Round Extras
  • SWAGr – On the first of every month, join our Serious Writers’ Accountability Group (SWAGr) and post your commitments for the coming month. (We’re serious, not somber!)
  • Write On Wednesday – mini lessons disguised as short story writing prompts
  • Blog –  posts on writing craft and creativity, and occasional reviews of short stories we’ve learned from
  • Reading Room – reviews of published short stories, from a writer’s perspective
  • Podcast – 15 minutes of pep talks and writing prompts every other Saturday
  • Courses & e-books – You can dig deeper with live courses, or study at home versions, or help support StoryADay by purchasing my ebooks.

Ready for more? Start exploring with the StoryADay Essentials articles.

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