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Thanks for signing up for the’s Advance List for the world’s-best month-long short-story-writing challenge!

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Can’t Remember Why You’re Here?

(It’s OK. It happens to the best of us)

  • You’re thinking about signing up for an extreme writing challenges: X words in X days.
  • You want to make your writing a priority.
  • You know you’ll be happier – possibly saner – if you do.

So, why are you stalling?

Because it’s scary, that’s why!

BUT taking action becomes much less terrifying if you have:

  • A clear picture of how this could rock your world
  • A mentor or role models who show you that this really can be done
  • A toolkit and map to keep you on track after you’ve taken that first big step.

So before you sign up, download the free workbook and take 30 minutes, all at once, in a quiet place, to go through it.

Use The Story A Day Creative Challenge Workbook To Find Out…

Why you want to sign up for this crazy creative challenge……and what might happen if you do.

Ways to feed your muse.

Practical tools to help you work.


Get Started

I Have One Favour To Ask

When you have worked through the workbook, I’d love it if you would send me an email (julie at story a day dot org) or leave a comment on this blog post answering one of these questions:

  • What was the most fruitful part of the workbook for you (the one you could have kept finding answers for all day)
  • Did you discover anything unexpected about yourself?

Or just tell me what you thought, and if there are any parts that could be improved. Your input will make future versions of this workbook truly awesome. So, thanks!


4 thoughts on “Creative Challenge Workbook”

  1. I need not to win anything but only to write stories those could be seen in my blog. Please comment on those pieces.
    Sekhar Roy

  2. I think it’s a great workbook and it’ll be really useful, especially the inspiration part. I so often don’t realise what exactly I’m being inspired by, so when I’m ‘all out’ or I’ve strayed too far away from the main idea, it’s hard to get back and I wind up just giving up.

    Thanks for posting!

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