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Last weekend my next door neighbour’s five year old daughter, Gabriella, was suddenly admitted to the local children’s hospital and diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor.

Around here we’re babysitting and running errands and making sure life seems as normal as we can for all the kids here at home. We’re raising money and cooking meals and organizing prayer chains and trying to be available for anything our friends might need.

An Important Reminder For Writers

But this bump in the road has reminded me of a very important rule for writers:

We often put off our dreams of writing until ‘later’. But we never know what ‘later’ might bring.

Yes, it’s important to seize life with both hands, but there’s no reason why being busy living should stop you from reaching for you dreams too, today. (Most of the great writers had busy lives; how else could they have created such compelling characters?)

The challenge is to find out how to make time in the midst of daily life to write every day, not ‘some day’.

I have a workshop that can help: The StoryADay.org Time To Write Workshop

How We Can Help Each Other

Having a sick child gets expensive really quickly, especially when it is something as complicated as, well, brain surgery. So I’m raising money for the family by offering a special discount on my Time To Write Workshop for $17 $10, with 100% of the proceeds going to Gabriella’s family.

The Time To Write Workshop contains

  • three modules to help you figure out why you never seem to find as much time as you’d like for your writing and how to change that.
  • two bonus worksheets you can print out and use to track and plan your time,
  • an mp3 version for auditory learners
  • interactive mind maps for visual learners.

Click here and use the code “forGabby” to get the Time To Write Workshop at a 40% discount AND send $10 to a family in need.


If you already have the Time To Write Workshop but still want to help, you can click here to donate directly.

(As a thank you, please help yourself to the PDF of the Idea Generator Resource Sheet — which is part of the Warm-Up Your Writing Course).

More Details:

More details about the Time To Write Workshop (remember, use the code ‘forGabby’ for your discount)

Follow the Get Well Gabby page on Facebook

Donate directly through WePay

Thank you, and please keep Gabby and her family in your thoughts and prayers

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